Saturday, June 14, 2008

HuTcHiNgS HoLd Em' ReUnIoN- Day 3

Dacie and Daddy enjoying the slow moving view from up high--she LoVeD it and even drifted off to sleep a few times!
Still snow on the ground from the 12 inches it got a few weeks previous--amazing to think a short 2.5 hours away they had 105 degree weather! Gotta Love Arizona--
The view from the top of the mountain after getting off the ski lift
The boy cousins trying to go even higher!

This is Dacie's closest cousin in age, and the 2nd GIRL grand baby! Mikkelle was dressed up as a saloon girl today-thus, the garter on her chub roll! She kept kicking her legs straight out-it was so stinking cute!

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

ARen't the views up there just BREATHTAKING!! We didn't see the 'highest toilet' when we went tho--maybe next time, haha! Love that little garter on a chubby leg--so cute!