Sunday, June 1, 2008

Week Synopsis 5/26- 6/1

Monday May 26th - Memorial Day! We packed up the car and headed 20 minutes into Sedona. We hiked by church on the rock (a catholic church built into the mountain). It was a perfect day (see pictures below). We could not find a Subway on the way home so we settled for some greasy KFC. The boys all had tummy aches from eating so much, starvation was solved. Almost everyone missed naps so they were more than ready for bed. We ate dinner out on the front porch...cereal and strawberries. FHE (family Home Evening) had to be short b/c the kids temperaments were short. We are glad we have Mindy around it has been an unexpected treat!
(Check out Dacie's BIG knot and bruise on her forehead-due to her 2nd BIG fall off of the deck stairs--of course right after Mindy leaves and daddy is at work)

Tuesday May 27th - I was in heaven today! Mindy decided to be the favorite Aunt and took the kids to the park, out for lunch at Sonic, and for dollar store prizes.

Dan and I went and did our HUGE grocery shopping together (we had Dan around for 4 days! Tuesday is his regular day off--it was HEAVEN). It was really fun shopping together, if you could ever call grocery shopping that. The store manager checked us out and asked if we had a small army at home--we told him, "yeah pretty small." "How many?" "Oh just 4." He quickly replied, "Didn't anyone tell you kids were expensive?" ha ha ha "The first hospital bill told us that." That's all right we just saved over 150 dollars in coupons and sales!

We sprinted home to unload groceries and then go see the new Indiana Jones movie. We even held hands in the movie!! We came home to relieve Mindy. What a sister stud!

Mindy and I went to Enrichment that was a cute shovel/pail/utensil (picnic) theme on service. During one part of the program they asked us to share some things that were 'downers' that day, everyone started naming things off. They turned to me and asked me what mine were, since I have so many little ones at home-I could really answer that I had NONE. It was a good day!

Mindy and I came back home so we could take on Dan in another game of Settlers-yeah, I WON this time! None of us are looking forward to tomorrow--it is bye bye Mindy and Daddy to work, mommy is solo-boo hoo!

(Our daily spider man sprinkler fun with neighbor friends...summer is here!)

Wednesday May 28th- Mindy got off by 9am (to go visit my bro. in Utah) and Dacie promptly fell down the deck stairs (for the 2nd time this year). It is hard to keep her contained when the boys keep the back door and deck gate open constantly--despite my insistent threats!!! Her head looks awful, and I felt bad the neighbor mom (who was outside) had to run over and comfort her, before I could get to her. Chalk up a bad mom point on the board that day!

We got our first package of fun party goods for the Hutchings family reunion coming up--we are getting excited! SO SO much work to do to make it happen! I started typing up agenda's, sleeping arrangements, and packing lists.

The old owners of our home (that we bought it from) have four children, and they incidentally moved back in with their in-laws (right behind us with a lowered fence). I am a respecter of privacy, so I was not sure I wanted so many extra bodies looking at us, or around...but it has been a blessing this summer--it has kept my kids outside! After air conditioning the whole neighborhood, kids running in and out of my home, otter pop papers and juice EVERYWHERE! I knew it was time to make a summer schedule of sorts!

Dan's raise/promotion was made official today at work. He is now the clinical supervisor at work. His pay raise and responsibilities begin June 1st! I am so happy for him! It was back to work for me too--answering phones!

Dan went and played basketball for a really LONG time tonight. It was their final farewell to one of his buddies (Dan's boss's son) who has been Dan's PT aide for a while. He is going off to school. Ryland decided LONG after everyone was in bed to wake up and wet his pants while pulling off the border wallpaper in our bathroom. AAAAH! (I am NEVER putting up borders again!)

Thursday May 29th- So I had a burst of energy today and we started our Summer Schedule. It has worked GREAT this week! My kids do so much better with structure and schedules, fun intermixed with work-helps me to enjoy summer with them, as I am task driven person! I had Dacie in bed a little early tonight so I could go meet up with my walking partners (we have slacked since our personal trainer moved out) at the high school track, in the evening. It felt GREAT! We walked 3 miles and I ran a 1/4 mile without stopping. 5K here I come!

Friday May 30th-Today was "inviting your friend over day". So we had Sean and Emma Hoggard (Ryland and Sterling's friends) over in the late afternoon. We had a bar-b-q- on the back deck before I had to run and get the babysitter. Dan and I had a city softball game tonight. Our first night with our new t-shirts my brother designed for the team. Colton got to come, as it was his date night with mom and dad this month. After a loss (we played the other LDS team)--we all headed over to Dairy Queen. It was crowded and hard to visit. But, Colton was in heaven and that is all that mattered. Afterwards-Dan and Colton started reading The Hobbit together. I also pulled out Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from my repertoire to give Colton a summer challenge (which he promptly finished by Sunday during naps). Onto Charlie and the Glass elevator!--It is hard to realize he just finished 1st grade sometimes! I fell asleep on the couch laughing at The Office Season 2 w/ Dan.

(Ryland showing off one of his outfit creations for Gma and Gpa S Saturday Eve)

Saturday May 31st- Was a good ol' summer day for us. Dan and I spent a large portion of the morning working on our yards, just maintenance. I really do enjoy it. Dacie typically ends up on the front porch swing screaming at the lawn mower and weed whacker. I do miss my backpack buddy from last summer (Dacie)--she mowed about every lawn with me.

Later that afternoon we had a family game of HORSE, and then goofed off on the front lawn and drank soda. Dan and I were not surprised to have burns on our necks and backs. Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen stopped by on their way back from Winslow (celebrating Great Gma's 80th). The boys pulled out every dress up in their costume box to "show off". We chased lizards w/ their new butterfly catchers (from gma and gpa). Dan finally caught one on Sunday!

That night after the kids were in bed we had our friends (the Trezises) over to play settlers of Zarahemla, watch an episode or two of The Office and visit. I lost miserably at settlers this time.

( Daddy Daugher enjoying soda, grass and summer on our front lawn after basketball)

Sunday June 1st- Sterling is obsessed with calendars. As we were running late to church he kept asking why I had not switched all of our calendars, or updated the family one on the fridge-is he FOR REAL!! ha ha ha ha. One day and counting until Dan's birthday! It was a great day to fast, pray, read scriptures, sleep and share Dan's b-day gift (cookies).

~ We hope your weeks are full of sprinklers, otter pops, soda, b-ball games, green grass, sunburns, company, and game nights!


Janae said...

I love your schedule! Have you been watching Super Nanny? Had fun playing some ball with you on Friday! Next time- you and me, on the mound- I will take you sista:) It sure would be fun to play together, though.

Fringers said...

sounds so fun Derick and I hope to get our lawn looking just as good as yours soon! Derick and I go shopping all the time together and I love it !!

Carca said...

what a great fun week...I love it...I can relate to the otter pops!!!! I won't be buying them for a while!!

niki said...

Dacie is so cute I'm sorry she got hurt, it is so sad when your little one biff's it!!! I think I am going to copy your summer schedule!!! Maybe one day this week I will get a burst of energy :-)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Isn't it soooo nice to have extra hands?! It sure is hard when they leave tho. I love keeping a schedule--I feel like we are so much more it helps me not to forget things! Dacie just looks bigger & bigger every time I see her! My girls are calendar obsessed too--so funny.

Julie Hoggard said...

Hey what a great week- glad I could be a part of it. I'm terrible with schedules - I always work on a whim. That's probably why my kids don't understand calendars! Ooops- my bad.

McOmberFam said...

Ok Alicia, you gotta come and teach me how to do the whole creative/organized thing! How do you do it? How do you have all of your energy? You're amazing! I seriously need help in those areas, so I'll have to try to copy some of your ideas. ;-) Love you girl!! The family looks great!

jonesfamily said...

Now that Isaac's out of preschool for the summer I've been thinking about a schedule. Thanks for the inspiriation! actually do it!

Angie said...

Hey--where's the birthday post for Dan? Justin was disappointed when he checked your blog and there was NOTHING THERE! :)

The Gordon Bunch said...

What a fun week! I love your sister, Mindy! She can visit me anytime. It was a fun night of softball. I swear Dan is out to get me! I could not hit his pitches - tell him to look out. My goal of the season is to get a basehit off Dan the Man!

Princess Muhmah and The Clan: said...

I can't believe how grown up Dacie is looking! By the time we meet her in person, she'll be driving!

Dallin loved reading The Hobbit with Mark. They're working on The Lord of the Rings right now. Now and then Dallin says that he wishes they were still reading The Chronicles of Narnia, but that doesn't ask him from asking Mark to read LOTR.

You went to see Indiana Jones...Having watched it, would you say it is appropriate to bring a six year old to? Mark wants to take Dallin, but it seems to me that IJ (as much as I do like those movies) is about as reliable as James Bond for having something questionable in it. So, would you take Colton to see it?

I'm sure your family reunion is going to be blast. What fun!