Friday, June 13, 2008

HuTcHiNgS HoLd Em' ReUnIoN- Day 2

Sunday is a Special Day!
After church, family photos, lunch, naps, western crafts and dinner...we headed up to the meeting house for an evening of FuN!(Dan, Shaun, Mom H, Colton, Kelby)
We each adopted a kid and split up into 4 groups for 'stations'

(Ryland, Booboo, Amber-Rose, Kayden, Mindy & Grandpa H dead on the floor)

Station #1 is to put on western make-up (fake eyelashes, glitter, eyeliner pencils, RED lipstick, blue eyeshadow) and bust out the boas and bowler hats-- to take B/W photos

(Dacie, Alicia, Brendon, Beth, Cara-Sterling in front)

Sterling putting on Uncle Brendon's mustache
Aunt Mara putting on My (Alicia) lovely 'saloon gal' make-up, while Dacie learns a thing or two
Dan's going to DIE!!! My brothers talked him into this-- Dan and Shaun showing off their pretty lips!!
Cousin Kayden the hard core card player!
Station #2-Included some card games (go fish, old maid, life size Yahtzee -compliments of the Krandar family) and some country western children's books to read
Station #3- Was making wanted posters for each nuclear family within our family-Drawing pictures of them and writing why they are wanted in our family (i.e.- wanted for having the the kindest heart)
Station #4- Come up with a skit from a bag full of props to perform at the end
At each station there was a family video/pictures playing of photos since the last reunion--
it took longer than anticipated and started turning into a late evening!
Let the shows begin!...
Indiana Jones (shaun) and Afro man (kelby) fighting over Colton
Momma Shark attacking!
Uncle Chad and Aunt Breanna having a conversation about losing weight for the reunion-- on the jump rope telephone!
More of the slow motion fight scene (they actually did it in slow motion)
After returning to camp and getting the little babies in bed, the camp fire was lit and games were plentiful each evening. Bedtimes were forgotten and treats busted out!
Grandpa playing domino's with "Da Boy" cousins!!


Julie Hoggard said...

I totally want to join your family! What a blast!

Aaron & Jayme said...

You're family is crazy! I LOVE it! Tell Dan he looks just lovely in make-up :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

haha--love that picture of Dan. Those skits look sooo cute! Your family is so fun, what a cool thing to do!