Monday, June 2, 2008


Happy 32nd Birthday Daniel Ray!!!! Isn't he a McDreamy?- The groom Dan the man, at our Utah reception on October 28, 2000
32 years ago my life changed forever... as my "future" entered the world. Although we both could have chosen other 'paths' and not chosen one another...we did choose each other, and so on June 2, 1976 my life was forever changed for good. I was only 7 months old when he arrived, and we were both born in the same hospital--sometimes I wonder if our mom's crossed paths on BYU campus or in Provo. We would not meet for another 24 years or so-- But I KNOW the world is a better place for having him in it. I rarely get to celebrate JUST I am going to "toot his horn"!! He deserves so much more than just one day!
Riding the metro back from visiting DC the day before our wedding. I had been sick and Dan has always been my Rock!
Dan's mission president summed him up very well, he said that- "Elder Sorensen would go into an area and make it better. No one would realize it until he left, and then they would notice it was much better." Dan does quietly come in and make things better , without any fanfare or demanding attention. He is a stress absorber, not giver. He is an observer--gently and quietly doing his tasks, and what is asked of him.

For a marriage/ family relationship class taught in church one week-they asked us to name all the qualities of our spouse that helped us choose to marry them. I ran across that list in my scriptures the other day and I would say it is the definition of Dan, if you were to look it up in the dictionary:

spiritually mature, sound reasoning, stability, calm, good looking, humble, accepts criticism, excellent missionary, serves me, soft spoken, slow to anger, expresses himself honestly, honest, smart, gentle, same goals as me, plays basketball, true to his word, never pushes himself on me, KING, treats me like a queen, tall, and likes sports.

Dan and his 'Best Man'-Justin Clegg (one of Dan's BF in highschool and college roommate)-ironically they share the same birthday-Happy B-Day Clegg!!

Because of Dan's maturity and eternal perspective in every situation allot of people (including myself) really look up to Dan for his advice. He is solid and thinks rationally (even if it means that he does not agree with me--darn it). He has a way with words that are clear, concise, and non-judgemental (except during basketball sometimes-ha ha). When he gives talks and teaches he really knows how to make the scriptures and gospel principles applicable to our life. He understands them. He is very knowledgeable (gospel and academic wise), and our family has benefited from that leadership. He will rarely offer unsolicited advice, he has to know you desire it before he offers it.He is the opposite of a dictator, which has been beneficial as we have found ourselves raising children, managing budgets, changing diapers, doing dishes, etc. etc.

Getting married was a 'leap of faith' for me (read I am engaged post) HOWEVER I had no idea how lucky I was going to get. I know that sounds cheesy. BUT I could not see what kind of father he was going to be, or the type of provider. I could hope and see qualities that would make him good--but he has FAR exceeded my expectations in some of those areas.
I did not know what I was going to be like pregnant (I'm not gonna lie, I am pretty hormonal) and he has taken the pregnancies on like a champ! I cannot imagine doing any labor and birthing without him RIGHT by my side..I really mean RIGHT by it. When I selectively chose a natural (no meds at all) birth I am ABSOLUTELY positive I would NOT have done it without him--he is an amazing 'coach' . The only person I really care about being there while I labor is him (OK and someone who knows how to catch a baby!) He is an AMAZING father and is definitely a helpmate in parenting. Many times he comes straight home from a 10-hour day (no lunch breaks) to roll up his sleeves and start dinner, bathe kids, take out trash, do dishes...without a word of complaint. He always encourages me to get out and go walking or to girls game nights.What hubby looks forward to coupon clipping and menu planning? Dan does!!!
He leads our family with prayer, scripture study and family home evenings. I never have to wonder if we are going to the temple or if he is paying our tithing.
You can get to know Dan better if you are into watching a game or two, playing 'thinking' games (board or PS2), you golf, listen to rock,or play basketball. Dan is very quick to apologize if he ever has lost his temper or done something wrong. Heck--he even apologizes when he has not done anything wrong. He is hard to stay mad at!
Dan and Alicia at our couples Halloween Party-October 2007
Dan can be a romantic (I know gag,gag). I LOVE his love notes, if you think he speaks should read his thoughts. At our wedding reception in Utah, we had a program-- Dan wrote a song for me on his guitar and sang it in front of the hundreds of people there. Now, knowing Dan even better, I realize what a HUGE sacrifice that was for him. He really tries to make me happy regardless of the embarrassment, or time, money and effort. We have danced in the dark and in the rain. I LOVE the way my head fits perfectly in the crook of his neck... and despite our endless quest to cut back on our budget..babysitting and date fees are non-contested by him! I know he understands real love, and I am the major recipient of it. I know very few people have gotten close enough to him to feel that love, but if you have, it is a mature kind of love you would never forget.Dan is dedicated and devoted. Once you have him, he is an asset. He will not be going anywhere without allot of thought and prayer, and absolutely open communication.He has been very loyal to his employer and always gets done what is asked in a timely manner-- and done well, he treats his patients with respect, concern and patience. Dan is in for the 'long haul'. He approaches many facets in his life this way and because of this I have stability in my life.
Dan has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. He LOVES wearing t-shirts with funny sayings on them! The office is his kind of show/humor. He can pull off a prank on me every once in awhile--but otherwise he is pretty predictable.
Dan is easily entreated and grateful for the small things (thus he could care less I am 2 days late on this post--he is just grateful for what I did do on his birthday). He has taught me to take things slower and to relax. He enjoys free-time and non-rigid schedules. He is strong in everything I am weak in (and vice a versa). Big trauma's do not stress him out-he can always see the bigger picture!
Sorensen Men September 2007
There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful Dan was born!
I LOVE YOU--I am glad you are mine!


niki said...

Happy B day Dan (tis the season isn't it) You are so blessed to have such a great husband and father to your children!!!

Erin said...

He is one of the best, my friend! I forgot he was only a week older than me! How time flies, huh?...

Our Fairytale said...

Oh Alicia you are so sweet! You are one lucky gal! (and yes, Dan is a WAY lucky guy to have you)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

awww--so sweet. I'm glad you found your McDreamy =). I must say there IS something special about babies that were born in June of '76 as well! haha! Happy Birthday Dan! oH, and Jim was born at the same hospital as Dan...less than a week later--SMALL world! =)

jonesfamily said...

That is super sticky sweet! I felt like you were describing my husband in most spots. They must have very similar personalities. They can be exasperating occasionally, but perfect the rest of the time for people like us!

Charie said...

I am so glad you posted about Dan because since I haven't had the opportunity to meet him I found it fascinating. I am so happy for both of you. I feel the same way about Jonathan...he has exceeded my expectations and they were high to begin with. I can see why Sister Martin always compares our marriages and says she finds so many similarities. Happy Birthday Dan!

Celeste said...

Wow...Dan should be giving you presents/flowers/candy after that tribute for his b-day! I'm sure it is all true and it is so cute to hear you talk about your hubby that way!

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

Oh Dan, you are as handsome as ever. Happy birthday. You two look great together - that halloween picture - was that from our days???

Julie Hoggard said...

What a great husband! I love how you talk about him, your sooooo head over hills. Happy Birthday!

Fringers said...

wow what a small world we have for youguys to be born in the same hospital and I saw Jim was born there too! Happy Birthday Dan!! June is a GOOD month!

Carca said...

What a beautiful post..Dan sounds greT. mY HUBBY'S b-DAY is coming up...can I cut and paste your words onto mine haha:)

Dawn said...

I don't know how I was so blessed to be the mother of such a wonderful man...but I'm so thankful that I am! Thank you for appreciating him...I know that means alot to him...and to me. Thanks for bringing out the best in him and helping him to grow and learn how to be a great husband and dad, too! love you both!

Scott said...

Alicia!! So I've given into this whole blogging thing but I'm still a beginner so be patient. I feel so bad I spaced beans birthday! I'm gonna bring him a present when I come down for Russell's wedding! Reading your blog continously produces mixed feelings about having kids. HA HA! I guess I gotta work on the marraige part first though right.