Friday, June 27, 2008

Week Synopsis 6/23- 6/27

Monday June 23- I am starting to get brave this summer and take all four kids to the store in between lessons ending and free lunch. Today we had to go shopping for a friends birthday present at WalMart. Oh, how my kids were coveting. I keep reminding them to save their money and mark their chore charts to get it! Our entire family was invited to Ryland's friend (Sean Hoggards) birthday party at his house on Monday evening, along with another family w/ a son his age (the Riggs). Dan had a SUPER busy day at work w/ one of his largest patient loads, Tarrin has been out of the office, and he has to turn in stats on Monday eve for his new duties as clinical supervisor --He was SWAMPED! So...the boys and I had a quick lesson for family home evening on temptation and handed out chore chart money before we went over...thus we were late (as always). Dan just met up with us there for some pizza, visiting, and partying!
Sterling playing pin the tail on the donkey!
Seans' Dad (Shiloh) dressing up in Sean's Batman mask that he rarely took off the entire party (Sean that is)
Who is opening the present-Sean or my kids?
The whole Birthday Gang!
Tuesday June 24-I started making to do lists today to help organize my thoughts for all the upcoming events. Dan just realized today that he does not have off next Tuesday b/c it is a holiday on Friday. So coordinating the kids care began! We went over money and bills, worked on laundry and the yard. I skipped out on Enrichment for the sake of organizing our family.That night Sterling got to walking with me. The high school track was we went over to the Hoggard's house and walked 2 plus miles with an uphill grade-good for the lungs!

Wednesday June 25- I answer phones three days a week, at home, in the afternoons. It is a ideal situation for me, and our finances and family~ We have been so blessed with the little extra income. Some days I feel guilty getting paid and others I "earn it", so to speak. I think this was one of the earning it days!

Thursday June 26-Crazay!!!! Phone calls, packing lists, young women girl calls. After swim lessons we stopped by the store and bought some food (just the Four of us) so that the cupboards would not be entirely bare while Dan has the kids on Monday. A sweet lady in our ward (Carol Langford) --who is dynamic and makes service look simple, offered to take my kids next week while Dan has to work. She is taking all four (besides her 2 at home) by choice, and seems excited to do it on Tuesday and Wednesday. She will take Colton to swim lessons and lay Dacie down in her crib to take a nap... and all that jazz! It is not everyday that someone offers to do that for you. So we decided to keep the kids up here rather than in Phoenix at Dan's Parents. I began typing up schedules for the kids and emergency info. As well as getting singing time ready for the substitute on Sunday. I had all my girls camp stuff packed by that night, so I could deliver it to the girls camp girls who are leaving Friday (I will join them after the wedding reception on Saturday evening). Everyone had tummy aches at nap time (including me) and all went to bed with buckets. The flu is still going around and I am not taking any chances! We picked our FIRST ZUCCHINI from the garden-yum, yum to take with us to Phoenix. Dan is PROUD!

Friday June 27-Last Day of Swim Lessons! The boys all got to buy treats from the snack bar. Colton progressed the most. Which is great considering we have spent the most money on him! Next year will be Sterling's turn to go to 2 sessions instead of one! We did free lunch, picked up a girl's equipment and delivered it and mine to the other leaders house. Now we are packing our things for the BIG wedding tomorrow and delivering the necessities to the Langfords!! Softball game at 6:30pm (ALL of us are going), showers, pj's and then down to Phoenix!!

Sterling jumping off the board ALL by himself-Airplane style! Now he just need s little help to get to the side
Colton mastered the kneeling dive from the board, which was WONDERFUL considering he made the teacher be right below him the first time. He swims to the side just FINE!

Ryland with his cutie class of small kiddos
Ryland "swimming" with his teacher. He will even put his entire head under upon request!
Colton swimming to the side..unassisted!
OH YEAH!!! Found this picture in the archives recently. This would be a picture our rental car at our wedding! The two ' car trashers' are my brother Chad (front left) and Dan's brother Russ (back center)
Ironically Russ is the one getting married Tomorrow June 28th!
Although Dan and I might not touch his car, we have kids that would--paybacks stink Russ!
Congrats Tomorrow!

*Look for upcoming picts. of girls camp, wedding and b-day posts (3)


TexasTwinsTwice said...

LOVE the picture of 'Batman' Shiloh--haha! i've been meaning to say CONGRATS to Dan on the big promotion--that's awesome! I'm impressed with how organized you are in planning & budgeting. You do a great job! Have fun at Girl's Camp. I can't wait to hear all about it! =)

Fringers said...

wow you are so organized I loveit !! by the way what does "free lunch" mean?

Charlotte King said...

I don't know if brave is the right word for taking all four kids to the store. Delusional might be more appropriate. I have no idea how you cope. All I can say is wow.

mjs ashworth said...

Fun fun! I am jealous you have a garden! Have fun at girls camp, and whata sweet lady to offer to take the kids!

Aaron & Jayme said...

Hey girl I need your e-mail address! I'm making the switch to private today! E-mail me at with it. Thanks!