Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy BELATED Birthday Chaddy Waddy!

Allrighty-since it is Colton's birthday today and I am in the birthday SPIRIT and since Colton is swimming and at the movies with his aunts, AND since I am over a month LATE. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Little Bro! My brother Chad entered a family dominated by GIRLS. He had 3 older sisters to terrorize and tease him upon his arrival. HOWEVER Chad was the one who did the majority of the teasing and terrorizing. With Chad around life is NEVER boring and you are NEVER sitting still.(I could not resist these 2 pictures of a serious WAVE in Chad's hair department as well as a yellow paisley shirt)
We shoved dolls and dress ups at him quickly, but he passed those right by and went for the trucks and dirt.My sister Mindy and him terrorized my mother in their early years. They were the ones who smeared red lipstick all over the carpet and mirrors, or kicked down fences protecting us from the ditch with their boots. However Chad somehow always managed to not get into trouble and laugh his way out of any situation. He still does it to this day. He can say things and do things most cannot get away with because he mixes it up with some humor.

I remember coming home after a peaceful day at church and we were sitting at the table sharing our lessons we had at church. Chad proceeded to tell a full on story in detail about a dragon eating him and his class and spitting him back out on the beach. He explained that his class all dried on the sand before they came back to class and that is how we did not know. That is one of my earliest memories from when I was younger-so it must have made a grand impression to stick this long.Chad is so full of imagination and creativity it hurts me and others around us!
(Chad and I hanging with some of our pool friends getting ready to go camping. I am on the bottom row far right and Chad is on the bottom row in the middle w/out glasses)

I was s senior while he was a freshman in high school. I loved embarrassing him in front of his friends. But no matter how much I called him "my freshman" in the halls and hugged him, I don't think it worked.It takes allot to get Chad embarrassed.

(Chad helping me marry my wedding stuffed animal bears. It was a BIG wedding with invitations, neighbor kids, desserts, decorations--he never complained, he was always up for a party!)
Chad is always in for a prank, or a trick, or acting, or making things drama. He will be your right hand man. I remember him faking that he had broken his back when we had gotten in a fight and he had fallen down some stairs. I fully believed him!
Chad has been on more news channels than anyone else I know. He was also featured in an oddville episode for MTV ( I would love to get my hands on it)acting out his Jurassic Park velociraptor. I guess someone saw him in the street doing it, while he lived in Brooklyn. He can make sound effects, animals, etc. putting us all to shame. He also has been featured in a newspaper or two on top of it all (one time in a pink monkey suit).
I think he was also the only straight guy to work for Armani in NYC too while attending art school.
While Chad is manly, and definitely all-boy, he certainly is left brained and has a super artistic side. Not only did he get three degrees in film and art.He had a lead in an off Broadway musical while living in NYC too-it is funny to remember all this, it seems like a life ago! He also sang in a mens acapella group at University of Colorado-after he was married and had a baby! The girls still went wild over him-

(Our infamous Christmas nativity, acting it out at Grandma Roths-Chad the wise man in the middle)

But, the time I became closest to Chad was in the summers after I went to college and we both worked at the pools AND when we served missions at the same time.

Chad and I's lives started crossing when we started working and having the same friends during the summers, with all of our life guarding buddies. Chad and I would attend parties, dinners out, camping trips, etc. while hanging out with these friends. It was always comforting having him there because I ALWAYS had someone who believed the same as me, had the same standards and was on my side...not to mention he would not tell my mom when I would kiss someone, and he always made everyone laugh-he was cool!
Chad protected me during these type of events too. I remember going to time square on New Years, and this guy was totally 'smashed'. He was hitting on me while getting in my face. It was uncomfortable for me. Chad saw this, and stood between me and the guy getting in a few punches here and there (the guy was so drunk he did not feel a thing). I was always safe when he was around.
(Chad in Moscow as a Missionary)
But I can tell you that there is NOTHING that can seal a kinship, than that of siblings serving a mission together.Chad and I went on our missions a week apart from one another. We were in the missionary training center together. I came later and left earlier than him, since I was going stateside English speaking, and he had to stay and learn some Russian. It is a boys priesthood responsibility, and they prepare their whole lives to serve. It is a milestone of manhood in some senses. With girls it is an option and an opportunity offered. When my opportunity finally arrived it was later than most (I was almost 22) and happened to hit at the exact time Chad was leaving. We prepared to go together. We even gave our farewell talks together. He NEVER complained about losing some of the limelight by me choosing to serve at the same time as him. He seemed to embrace it (literally).
We LOVED to wig everyone out by hugging, because those types of relationships are absolutely avoided in any form (including hugging the opposite sex) while serving missions. We choose it and appreciate 'the break' on love to think about other things--just in case it all sounds a little harsh to you!
(Alicia on left pointing to Roseville California & Chad on right pointing to Moscow Russia on a world map- we were WORLDS apart while serving!)
I vividly remember the first time I was able to hear Chad bear his testimony in Russian to me and my companions while we were at the MTC (Missionary training center) together --it was powerful. I cried.
I LOVED writing letters back and forth with him. There is just a common understanding and kinship that happens when you are all involved in such an inspired work at the same time, even with our experiences being so different.

(Chad and I finding each other in the MTC on my first day-that is why my eyes are still red from crying!-loving to FREAK everyone out hugging, making sure to point to our badges, so they knew we were related)

I was still protected in the MTC- I had a district leader who liked to withhold our mail by "accident" in his dorm room. SO one evening after having a heart attack about NOT getting a letter from my special boy friend and my other companions mail (mail is money on a mission!). Chad helped us out and went into the boys dorms with his whole district of Russian missionaries in black trench coats to "request the goods". They quickly returned with no confrontations, with our blessed mail. He was still looking out for me!

(Chad making us smile as a Usher to a frieside in the MTC)

Chad still had his humor on a mission. It is a great thing to have as a missionary when sometimes we can take things a little too serious. I remember going through some of my things as I was getting ready to leave, and I remember finding a small George Michael (yes, the singer) pin from by big FAN days. I found Chad's trench coat packed in his suitcase and strategically pinned it to his lapel, where I was sure everyone would see it the first time he put it on. Sure enough on the first day of fall weather I saw Elder Hutchings running around the MTC wearing the pin proudly and never saw him take it off the whole time there.ha ha ha

I also remember one time as we were taking an outside break from our studies and were walking around the grounds at the MTC. All of a sudden I hear loud banging on a window three stories up. I look up only to see Chad plastered against a window yelling -LET ME OUT OF HERE! (Since foreign language missionaries have some pretty intense weeks of language learning-they don't get out as often!). A few other elders joined in his plea, and then suddenly they all disappeared....that is when a teacher appeared in the window! I always had a reason to smile.(The day Chad went into the MTC- Alicia left, Mindy middle, Chad right-I'll see you in a week!)
I would have to say a great great way of describing my brother is: He will ALWAYS make you smile even when you are mad at him, or life makes you not feel like it. He never takes himself too serious, and because of that he is a joy to be around.

(Chad sitting and eating with his Russian district in the cafeteria-Chad would be the one with a pepper shaker in his mouth up front!)

It has been wonderful to see him grow up, get married, and become a dad. All his energy and enthusiasm are totally thrown into those relationships. It has been even more fun to watch our boys (6 between the 2 of us!) grow up together and love each other. Chad has just left Warner Brothers to go and work for the church in their graphic design department. Chad has fun, uses his talents, but is unwavering in his faith. He is the complete package deal. I think I can safely say that there is not a person who has had Chad in their life and are not happier because of him.

I am so grateful you joined our family and feel lucky to be called your sister. Thank you for helping me 'lighten up'!

Happy Birthday Little Bro!!(Uncle Chad wrestling all the boy cousins!)


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haha-that picture shows he MUST be a fun uncle! =)

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Thanks Alicia! That really made me smile and meant a lot to both of us. You spent a lot of time writing it and I know it will be cherished. Love you!