Sunday, June 15, 2008

The things I have LEARNED from my FATHERS!

Once again, I could not celebrate this special Day without recognizing the "founding fathers" of Fatherhood for our family.
I was going to do this -make a list-even before our stake speaker (Mike Gordon) encouraged all of us to do this (from his wife's example on her blog..shout out to Janae !)...make a list of things we have learned from our Dad's- So here's MY top 10! MY DAD-
1. Family is absolutely FIRST, even if the the 'norm' for men is not that way.
2. To expect the very best in co-parenting from my future spouse.
3. Dirty Diapers are not so bad--they are way of life.
4. That men CAN dance.
5. Daddy's can have special 'talents'--Talking in Donald Duck, wrestling, busting out "the claw", telling sluefoot stories.
6. Men are strong and have great muscles--they protect you!
7. It is OK to cry.
8. The blessings of the priesthood are very real.
9. Miracles happen.
10. Great fathers make amazing grandpa's.


1. Fishing (and hunting) are not about catching the fish--it is about enjoying the beauty and nature around us, and being outdoors.

2. There is nothing like a good book.

3. Idaho is a Great placed to live.

4. (real ) Barns have a place in every one's hearts.

5. You can seem big and tough on the outside, but really be a softy and tender on the inside.

6. Grand kids are a blessing, they are fun to spend time with and go on trips with!

7. You should experience life and enjoy things around you

8. Genuinely love your wife- always showing small signs of affection

9. Be responsible with your money-Get a Job!

10. You can teach your grand kids/kids to watch the nature channel-and be a walking book of knowledge and facts


TexasTwinsTwice said...

What GREAT men! I love the 'great dads make great grandpas'--sooo true! It is a good idea to make a list like this--i'll have to do that!

Janae said...

Mike says, "Thanks for listening". He wasn't sure if anyone was:) Good for you for actually doing it!