Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Week Synopsis 6/10-6/15

Tuesday June 10- After breaking down camp at the reunion we took the LONG(er) way home right through Sedona red we could 'show off' our country-side to my Brother and SIL, who were staying an extra night at our home, before they drove straight back to MISSOURI the next day! It was their first time here--and I did not have the house cleaned or ready in any form-aah! I LOVE company expected and unexpected alike! The kiddos got baths and naps.Dan and I tried to 'cut back' on unloading time so we could visit our company, BUT the car was a beast that had to be tackled. We enjoyed visiting them and having them around for a meal or two. They went down to Anthem to meet up with her sister and then we had a little visit before bedtime. We all slept in the next morning and they were gone by the time we were up (by a few short minutes). My bro did make it in one day, back to Missouri, and made it safe. We were bummed that naps and other commitments foiled our plans for a girl cousin picture (Dacie's only girl cousin on my side)--oh well, I guess it means they have to come visit again!!!

Wednesday June 11- It was a serious cleaning and unpacking day. I did LOADS and LOADS of laundry. Washed out coolers, replaced tents, camping gear, emptied suitcases, started the dishwasher, fixed and replaced fire pits...-and tried to keep the kids occupied as they were use to cousins, aunt, uncles, outdoors and activities every minute. I kept phone calls and socializing to a minimum (no playgroup). I did answer phones for work...and it was BUSY! Dan went and played ball with the boys in the evening and came back all bummed out because he is not playing like he is getting into the NBA! ha ha ha You can't be awesome all the time I tell him!

Thursday June 12- We were excited to open our local newspaper and see our bear on the front page-(from playgroup last week)!!! We cut his picture out and put him on the boys bulletin board for a FuN keepsake/remembrance. I could not keep out of the social scene for long and capitalized on free lunch. While there some of my friends convinced me to go to the public pools luau (sp). It was only a dollar a person for pizza, soda, Lais, Hawaiian dancers, music, and swimming. My newly mopped floors from that day got a dinner break as well.My friends offered to help watch my kids, since Dan would not get off of work until later and is NOT a swimming fan--and they have older children that were assinged as a 'buddy' w/ another one of mine. I am glad I went. I had fun, and I think the 2 plus hours of swimming for my kids was a treat! We did not win any of the door prizes, but I got some moon walking in on the side of the pool, and Dan got some quiet unwinding time at home! I have such good friends and it was fun to meet up with a bunch of them, and just have FuN!
Our bear on the bulletin board

Luau pictures are compliments of my friend Julie Hoggard

Friday June 13- It was my colorful and FuN sisters b-day! I really need to get on my posts about them (my bro and sis)--they are SUpER interesting people!!! A Shout out to you Boo Boo!
I went to the park and free lunch once again. Colton went home w/ his friend Dallin from lunch for a sleepover. I answered phones in the afternoon and got the 3 kids, Dan's stuff and I ready for our softball game that evening. I had a hard time finding a babysitter, and rather than paying 10 dollars for one game--I figured one game could not hurt them. So we ALL met up with Dan at the fields. Allot of our other friends all brought their kids as well (including Colton) and they had a big raisin and goldfish picnic at the ball park-running around and getting dirty. I thought our kids would be impressed to watch mom AND dad play...but they were more concerned with who was there! We won the game to a team we had lost too previously. It was an "ON" night for us. Dan hit a home run and I scream all the way around the bases thinking he was going to run me over-since I had just hit before him---he didn't! We came home and had a dance fest in the Living room with the kids (late bedtimes tonight!) It is amazing how much quieter it is w/ even 3 kiddos! Dan and I stayed up too late watching some more of the office. Ryland slept in the bathroom that evening complaining of a tummy ache! uH oh! The flu has been hitting some of our friends!
Saturday June 14- Rise and Shine-late night or not!! I had to get to Anthem for a hair appointment at 10, AND I was late (are we surprised?) I also had to deliver poems and get ready for Sunday's Father Day singing of the primary kids, on the way out of town. I got my hair done by my friend Jesica (who use to live here) and LovE the RED coloring we played with! Afterwards Ryland and I grabbed something to eat, stopped at some stores and then headed over to our soon-to-be SIL's bridal shower. Dan's brother gets married in a short week and a half! Her house was very NICE! and it was stocked with serious food and fun--we were glad we were able to make it. Ryland was my little travel buddy to 'lighten' Dan's load at home-and he did phenomenal. Dan got our yard mowed, weed whacked and some weeds picked out of the garden (it is GROWING)--We can;t forget the game'ing that went on while I was gone too! I had to find clothes to wear to the wedding for everyone, fathers day gift/card, Costco supplies and some girls camp craft stuff while I was surrounded by stores. It was a busy busy day. Ryland slept all the way home and I had to call Dan and talk with him for some of the way home to stay awake!

Sunday June 15- Happy Father's Day! June is Dan's month-he gets more gifts and recognition this month then at Christmas. I have bragged enough about him in posts lately-but everything that makes him a good husband and person...makes him an AMAZING dad.
I did have the diaper bags ready the night before, and kids clothes laid out for after breakfast. We made Dan breakfast in bed. We were still late to church. The primary children did a poem/ singing rendition I put together--and it fared well. There was a little mix up in poem assignments, and some feelings were hurt. It was all straightened out by the end of church however! Phew!! Some of my favorite girl friends (the Gordon's) hubby's came and spoke in sacrament, about fathers, representing the stake, and they were super (I am really not being biased). We all came home from church-we fed the kids and I laid them all down, including Dan. We all got naps! Dan got a 4 and a half-hour nap!!! We had a T-bone steak dinner for him that evening. He cooked the steaks...because he likes them 'his' way, but the rest of dinner was on me!

The theme for Fathers Day this year was R&R: Rest and Relaxation--Dan got a gift certificate for a 1 hour professional massage ( during the week I am gone to Girls Camp) , some new sheets for our bed (as the only working ones that fit our bed are pink right now), AND a new book he saw at the Grand Canyon that he wanted! Of course, the kids went all out wrapping the presents--using TONS and TONS of tape, and paper (picture above). Our card to him had Hillary Clinton on the front that said :President Hillary-then you open it and it says, "see, there are some things scarier than raising kids". I was pretty proud of that find. We had some really good laughs about that one! Fathers Day went down without a hitch. I am grateful my children have such a good, male, role model in their lives. It was a perfect ending that day to go to sleep next to him!


The Gordon Bunch said...

Yet another busy week. We loved having Colton over. He and Dallin are fun to watch and listen to. The lua was awesome. I am sending the word out via e-mail to get all 200 lua tickets purchased by friends :). I wish I could have heard "the boy's" talks - you are too kind. Happy Father's Day, Dan!

Kelby, Amber-Rose and Mikkelle said...

So, I'd love to see a week that said "well we didn't really do much. The boys behaved perfectly as usual and dacie learned how to fly. Ya know...the typical week." haha

Angie said...

I didn't know Dan doesn't like swimming! Crazy. Justin doesn't either. Darn.

Selena and Russ!! said...

Hey Alicia! To see how long ago people blogged you add a new page element and then you do "the blog list". So ya, blogs are great. I like that you posted me and Russell's invitations. so. guess what. i'm getting married in 6 days. i am excited!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

I just realized I never left a comment on this--i started reading quite a few days ago & got know how that goes! Anyway, love the bear photo in the paper huh! my girls loved it! The luau looks like TONS of fun, good job on doing a great Father's Day for Dan---LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hillary card. I'm sooooo glad she is out of the running! =)