Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week Synopsis 6/16-6/22

Monday June 16th- This week started out with KIDS. A friend in the ward ask me to watch her two children in the morning, and I already knew that my visiting teachers were planning on coming over to visit (Cami Raban, Tara Trezise)--with three kids, each, respectively. With it being summer and all of mine and their children home, we had a grand total of 13 kids here (the neighbor girl friend was here as well). I planned on chaos and was not disappointed. It changed my free lunch plans/park for the day. Because summer has proved to be full of friends we decided to have a family home evening lesson on "friend manners" and phone etiquette.
Sterling swimming like a 'jelly fish' to his teacher

Ryland with his cool teacher Trevor from church (who is ever patient w/ his crying episodes)

Tuesday June 17- Swim lessons started today! Daddy took the boys (all three are taking swim lessons), and Dacie met up with them after to go to the library and free lunch, while I met up with some girlfriends (Natalie Taylor, and Kelli Bargar) to celebrate our good friends (Monica) belated birthday--it was so fun to just eat and chat. I could have hung out all afternoon w/ them. I don't know why I don't do things like that more often (oh yeah-kids!).The rest of the day I was preparing for the YCL sleepover for girls camp that evening. I had to make dessert and get our hair bow crafts together (we are making superhero bows-like Dacie's- to match our hero heart shirts). I left home that evening around 5 pm and did not get back until 1am. It was FuN--but I am starting to be a tired ol' lady. We had stake leader dance practice, swimming, pizza, t-shirt making, bow making, certification making, introductions AND we did come up with a dance for the YCL gals to perform at 'meet your moms' meeting the next night! It was a tired fun kinda' day! Wednesday June 18- The neighbor girl Breanna has become a honorary Sorensen this summer and has kept my boys outside playing, even in the dead heat (Playing in their bubbles water table in photo above/below)! That evening I had to be at the church earlier than when Dan got off of work--so I had all the kids bathed and in pj's up with me for awhile at church, until Dan could get home, get settled, and make dinner before he came and got them. The meet your mom's meeting went well-our dance worked and they had the most yummy gravy and biscuits for dinner!
Thursday June 19- Did I tell you that the last 2 days Ryland has thrown a serious FIT at swim lessons?!! On Wed. he cried almost the entire time b/c he wanted to go into the big pool w/ his brothers. I was about to let him go in and see what happens!!!! Today he threw the fit BEFORE swim lessons all morning. I finally offered him a treat from the snack bar and some of his bath toys he could take with him IF he went in, and did not cry. He listened to the teachers. No problems since then--he is even putting his face in! It was another park and free lunch day after swim lessons. I actually thought about just staying home from walking that night so that I would be at home one entire night this week. BUT exercise cannot take a back seat. So Colton came with me to the high school track and he walked/watched/ took pictures (compliments below) of me and the ladies walking.We got in a good three miles--but it was harder that night then it ever has been. My shin splints started coming back-darn it! I also think Colton called every living relative that he recognized on our contact list in the cell phone, its the most some of them have heard from him in a lifetime (granted he was probably calling them to ask how to get to the games on the cell phone)-ha ha ha

My friend Julie Hoggard and I-goofing off for Colton's picture rampage
Sherri Ullery and Julie Hoggard-my walking buddies
Friday June 20-I heard Dacie cry out in the night, and then go right back to sleep-this morning I found out why--she had slept in her vomit all night. I know DISGUSTING!!! it was not my favorite way to wake up for sure-or for her either I am sure. Sterling came running in telling me that her room smelled awful and he was spraying Lysol all over it-I had to go rescue her! The flu has been hitting our friends kids, and continues too-- I knew it was only a matter of time until it hit one of us. It just had to get the baby that cannot make it to a toilet. I had a big mess to get through before swim lessons today. Dacie has gotten more baths this week then she has in a long time (check out picture below). Regardless--she was still happy and flirty with all that she saw. Her and I went and got some good flu food (bananas, pedialyte, applesauce, gatorade, crackers, and gingerale) while the boys swam. By evening she seemed fine and has tolerated real food since!
Dan and I had 2 softball games that evening. We played a 'fake' game against another team (since the original opponent team had cancelled and we already had a babysitter) and then one against the ARC (a special needs team) it was a relaxed play evening and some of my favorite times. I am glad it was not for real --we were not doing so well!

Saturday June 21- Dan took the kids to swim lessons again. I started digging out our closet. Last week our Bishop encouraged us to use some of our rebate checks for food storage food... that inspired me to get out the old food storage stuff and make some more room for more (before our check arrives). We do not have allot of storage space/ closets in our home. SO Dan and I cleaned our closet out. I have three big trash bags full of clothes. I am making Dan be good to his word about buying me new clothes when I start to get skinnier! It did feel liberating and now are shelves are covered with labeled food storage boxes and our pantry has a whole bottom floor we can fill. We also played a game of croquet on the front lawn w/ the kids, after mowing it and spraying for weeds. Not gonna lie it has been so HOT!

That evening our friends (the Trezises) came over so that Dan and Will (the hubby) could play rock band on the x-box. I got to do the drums once-but I made our band get boo-ed off the stage! Good times, good times!

Will and Dan playing in their band!

Sunday June 22- Dacie had to be taken out of primary 3 x's because she was so disruptive. She likes to flirt with other people, but constantly wants to be held ONLY by me (standing up). She is a screamer! It did not help that the primary kids were wild themselves today. Dan had to teach a lesson in Elders Quorum. Only one more month until Dacie is in nursery! Dacie has started taking shorter naps by an hour or more every day and I can feel the difference in my patience and her disposition (ever since she was sick)--hopefully it is short lived!

I had a girls camp meeting at 4 pm for 2 more hours this afternoon. Dan is starting to get frustrated with Girls camp. I feel bad-we do, do things ALLOT differently then the men do. I think it is just prepping him for the 2.5 days solo with all the kids! Yikes!! Only one more week of it all and it will be done! I am already tired and haven;t even gone!! But not gonna lie--I love girls camp! We ended our sunday evening with cookies and a family board game (it is turning into a tradition!)

Well-it's off to conquer a new week. Hope yours goes well-- and that the flu bug fly's far, far away from you!


RC Henderson, Inc. said...

I too have thought of taking Ava to swim lessons. That's great that your boys are doing that! And way to go on walking.

PS - guitar hero ROCKS!!!

RC Henderson, Inc. said...

It's me again. Love your blog paper - 1000% cute!

Fringers said...

Your weeks always make my tired just thinking about it all. I do wish that I could be home to have crazy weeks like that..... Hope to see you guys soon!

Julie Hoggard said...

what a bunch of HOT MOMMAS!!! Glad I could be part of your week, and thanks for helping me with my blog- it looks good now. See ya tonight!

Angie said...

The countdown to nursery cracks me up. Justin has already started and we're still NINE months away!
I wish I had some walking buddies!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

LOVE your new background! Poor Dacie--glad she's feeling better now. Oh my all that Girl's camp prep sounds tiring, but I'm sure you guys are going to be the BEST leaders & will have so much fun! Great job on the walking--you go girls!

Kelby, Amber-Rose and Mikkelle said...

Haha, dan in his band...that is awesome! We miss your face! Can't wait to see you guys again (whenever that may be : ( )

Aaron & Jayme said...

I agree with Jessica, reading your blog tires me out! I don't know how you do it!

We're going private, can you please send me your e-mail or post it on my blog?

Tina (Hickman) Ottley said...

I just finished girls camp this last week. We were gone from monday through friday....too long. I like the 3 or 4 days better. Girls camp is so different than scout camp. I think the boys are like, you do plays and skits? and crafts? what? and the girls are like, why are you running through the fire? I'm just glad it is behind us for another year!
I'm sure you and your girls will have a wonderful time.