Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday BoBoo!

So you could say that I got a little behind in my birthday tributes for June. However these are some of my favorite better late then never!
Amberlyn entered our family with a LoUd Bang! She had a voice on her that has NOT diminished through the years. We gave her a nick name of peacock because of that supreme resonating talent-ha ha ha. She made sure Chad was super surrounded by girls. Amberlyn made our family of five (at that time)- 4 girls and a boy!
I believe the best way to describe Amberlyn would be CoLoRfuL! She is absolutely full of life and animation
Because of Amberlyn's birth order I never got to go to high school or college with her. She served a mission (In Argentina) after I was married--because of this I do not have as many cool or embarrassing stories on her. But I can tell you that despite our lack of life experiences together she is still one of my closest siblings and is totally devoted to me. Amberlyn is devoted. She will be yours truly forever once you are in her life. I always felt important and looked up too when I was around her, and that is a good feeling to have-the trust, companionship and love you feel from that person.
(This is a classic picture of my sister-I remember her so well this way...when all four of us girls shared one small room-full of bunk beds on both walls. I would look down from the top bunk on the opposite side and see this little pixie face every day. This is my BooBoo)
I always felt like what I said was important to Amberlyn. That she takes my words to heart, including unsolicited advice. That is another glorious attribute about Booboo, is that she is humble and is quick to apologize, or try to change her wrong. She is a RED head and does have a little fury in her-but it is VERY short lived and forgotten even quicker.

(I Love this classic 80's picture-yet once again- because I did her hair in it! I loved that she let me fix her up!)

I Loved being looked up to and she would LET me do her hair and make up ANY time I was around and I could. What older sister could ask for anything more-she did not EVEN borrow or ruin my clothes!!! I could keep her around forever!

Amberlyn has had allot of life experiences. Not only did she serve a mission in Argentina but she majored in linguistics at BYU. She then went on to teach English in Japan for a time. She is now back with us in the states, but has rarely settled herself in one place-- attending every girls camp possible for every stake possible, and being and EFY counselor. She was BORN to be a counselor. She LOVES being with the youth and teaching them. She is one of them in an older body! (of course with some life experience maturity).
Amberlyn is easily entreated and a free spirit! She is game for anything.
(Good ol' swim team summers with the family-Amberlyn is far left and I am middle of the back row...umm this is the year I graduated from High School! ha ha)
Some of my most tender memories of her is when she has come to help me after having a baby. She takes the other kids on like a champ and just does it all and gets things done, without making it look hard. She would send me off to get a pedicure while she rocked and inconsolable colicky baby, mop the floors, get the kids dressed & fed, make the meals, read a book or two (during her visit), watch movies with me, rock a crying baby (I am not exaggerating about the crying baby-she even ask me once if I could make it Stop!...I WISH!), take the boys to the river, play outside with the boys, AND stayed and extra week because I was having a hard time of it--of course, she did this ALL while having a torn ACL (that she had surgery on right after her visit)....and you get my drift. She does it in blink of an eye! However... on that same life saving rescue mission for me, she did manage to get 3 tickets in one day! I do have to say she drives like she lives life...PASSIONATELY! ha ha ha She is one of our family's worst drivers--BUT WE LOVE HER!
(All four Sisters-(top) Alicia, Cara, (Bottom) Mindy, Amberlyn; We always dreamed about becoming an all girls band with this song we made up on a long road trip-this would have been our front album cover-ha ha ha ha)

(Amberlyn finding some HAPPY things to play with at a dinner at the Cracker Barrel)
Amberlyn is always first to volunteer if she is not committed to anything and has the money. For instance my brother needed someone to fill some spots to go to Mexico and she was game money permitting. She is first to play a game, watch a movie or play on sports team when needed. She runs errands, opens up her home, goes on splits, has you over for dinner. She will be the first to come to your rescue for a broken heart or if you are in need of a buddy to play with!
(Above-water skiing at a BIG Hutchings reunion-Amberlyn lower left/Alicia middle w/sun glasses; Below- Tubing down a river in Pennsylvania while vacationing at a cabin with the fam after the miss Alicia middle, Amberlyn left!)
She has appropriately been the activities coordinator for most of her wards and comes up with the greatest and most fun ideas (of course my mom has some genetic say in that one). People call her to find out where the fun is and what is going on!
(Something pretty Cute and Nerdy about my family is for every holiday ALL of us would wear matching holiday attire, typically color appropriate, to church that week! I ma far left in red and Amberlyn is right below me in one of my old dresses...gotta love hand-me-downs!)

Amberlyn is devoted to family and there is very little that would stop her from doing something for any one of us. You always know you can count on her and that you have someone covering your back.
(Amberlyn and Me stranding lights on an arch way for our sister Cara's wedding and for our moms MAD(dening) decorating ideas!)
I remember when I was heart broken after the mission. I had to go get my things from my old friend-boys home-where I had stored everything. It could have been an awkward situation (although it wasn't) and knowing this, she volunteered to come with me to get my things. The whole car ride there her boy friend and her played my heart break theme song as loud as they could blast it in the car. They made a situation that could have been hard leaving me feeling comforted and looked after.
I hope someday a guy recognizes this devotion to the gospel, family, fun, the youth and realize how much color, faithfulness and happiness it could contribute to his life....until that time, I'll KEEP HER!

(Aunt Booboo doing what she does best being with family, reading the scriptures to the neice and nephews!)

She is a great sister, a GREAT aunt and a great friend. Thanks for making me Numero Uno!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!


Janae said...

LOVE the album cover pic! I adore the eye liner! That takes me back:)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

I've been missing your posts! I guess that's what happenes when you're busy having fun! =) What an amazing and cool sister! Sisters are the best. I love all those older photos--sooo fun!