Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Our Cub Pack Troop had their Gold and Blue Banquet In February
the boys decorated a cake with Dan (kinda, I baked, placed and made the icing:)) and auctioned them off to earn money for the troop
I am HAPPY to say Sterling got his BobCat
(maybe we will get quicker with each boy...thanks to a super organized AKELA)
Here is our cake we auctioned
It is so cute to see my 2 boys bringing in the colors and being on a color guard together
(Colton by the American Flag and Sterling by the Cub Scout Flag)

Some of the other cakes that were being auctioned.

Sterling getting his Bobcat award
and US giving him a "round of applause"
Who said Scouts is not fun!!!?

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i love your family photo! such good colors selection. and kids look adorable!