Saturday, March 5, 2011

5,6,7,8...GO BIG RED!

One of of my GOOD FRIENDS is the Varsity High School Cheer Coach in town.
for a fundraising activity the squad held cheer camp for one week with a performance at half-time at a girls basketball game that Friday
My friend has girls Dacie's age in preschool, and all I had to do was mention it to Dacie
It was ABSOLUTELY her element.
Dacie was one of the very youngest there.
There was not and ounce of fear in performing
and most days she enjoyed going to practice if we did not have to wake her from her nap for it!
I was so IN LOVE
I could have easily ended up with a Tom Boy and I got ALL GIRL!
NOW many of you know I am a SPORTS GIRL
what you may not know is that I did varsity cheer and competed nationally in my "off-season"
SOOO I would LOVE Dacie to be a cool cheerleader (not a silly one)
You can find her performing about anywhere and pretty much anytime she is giving out orders around these parts they always start with
" 5, 6, 7, 8- go clean your room"
It is hilarious

She points out the High School every time we pass it now, as there is my cheer leading class.
She speaks fondly of her short week stint, wish we could afford more!

They did age appropriate dances, and she danced to under the sea, even with a little bum wiggle
and a group ending number to HS musical 2
They also did some group cheers like "WHATS UP...GO BIG RED"
she yelled with all her little might

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