Thursday, March 10, 2011


In January Colton briefly mentioned to me "oh yeah, I am in the school spelling bee this week, I won for my class." Luckily we have Cara in town so I could make it happen last minute...AND I am glad I did not miss it!
BECAUSE he won for the whole school!
It is luck of the draw sometimes, but he was SOO HAPPY! and his class did a big cheer for him at the end and his teacher gave him a McD's happy meal. The school gave him and electronic scrabble game
SOOO off to districts we went!
It went to a whole new level there.
Spelling Bee's are SERIOUS stuff!
It is a once in a lifetime experience
They were held in Sedona so we did not have to travel too far

AS many of you know Sedona has ALOT of money in the that means their school facilities are PHENOMENAL
They just built this beautiful auditorium and I was amazed, chandeliers, beds of gems...the works-with a killer view to boot!
Sadly Colton got out on the word "feldspar"
he got confused when he asked for the alternate pronunciation and the "d" went silent.
It was the 2nd round and he tied for 13th place out of 51
Below was a pretty dejected Colton when he got out
NOT bad for a 4th grader competing against 8th graders, home school, private, charter the works!
It was an ALL DAY affair. I was so grateful I got to spend a day with my little man! I was so proud of him. He really really practiced- read the dictionary, went online and did mock spelling bees, we even did it for family home evening, he looked up words and sought out hard words- he did his best!
Aunt Cara made it for the spelling rounds
His saddness over losing was NOTHING a little ICE CREAM could not fix!
COLTON and the BEE!~

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Russ said...

Dude, that is freakin awesome. Good job colton.