Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Babies change SOOO fast!!! SO I thought I would document a few of the things Rhett has been doing as of late
I WISH he was sleeping more.
Night-times have gotten pretty near perfect, BUT day-times have worsened.
HOWEVER on this glorious day he "crashed" in his jumper with out so much as a peep. We walked in and turned around and there he was.
This pretty much NEVER happens (not in the car, not in a stroller--he is another Sorensen "box fan" I want my crib baby)
it may be my doing, BUT who cares if it got me sleep!?

Colton has been entrusted more with his care, thus the reason for the backwards diaper change!! AND it was even a poop (good older brothers)
Dacie has taken to him being her doll!

Rhett seemed to grow 8 teeth overnight
for awhile there
he was sporting the TEAM RHETT vampire look
He IS crawling FINALLY at 11 months
SO now he is obsessed with opening and closing cupboards, doors
AND cleaning out everything he can get his hands on-I can pretty much tell you his track:
First is the videos and cd's, off to the LR trash, then into the kitchen under the microwave, and closing with the shoe baskets in the cubbies

Laundry Baskets have become his thing. Whether it is being pulled like a train in one OR we set him outside in one for quite awhile filled with toys (home-made play pen)
You can always flip one over and keep him entertained for quite awhile!

We have done about 2 really bad 'bouts of a cold this winter!


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