Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SPRING BREAK and ST. PATTY's DAY- spring break part 2


is that..

St. Patrick's Day is always celebrated during it

The Activity Day Girls in our ward threw a party for the primary kids at the park...it was GREEN FuN! They gave us beads, read us stories, let us color, played some Leprechaun games
AND sent us on a treasure hunt to find the pot of gold!
We also had some yummy green snacks!

our friend Afton, has the ultimate leprechaun as her son!

I thought this year the leprechaun might be nice enough to leave us alone since our house has been in such a disarray already...

no such LUCK!
NOTHING is ever too messy for the leprechaun!

There is NO REST for the moving

he even left us a cool poem this year!

and dumped our honey all over the counter!

AS USUAL the "gold" was the kiddos favorite part!

We also had FUN taking green pictures and watching the GNOMEMOBILE!

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