Sunday, February 27, 2011

AND then she was....4!!!!!

Dacie is so LUCKY to be surrounded with a darling group of girls her age

One of our HaPpIeSt celebrations in January is our families "only girl" and Princess


This year she turned 4?!!!
I turn around and see the little women she is and cannot believe it!
SINCE it was an EVEN birthday...she got to have a "friend" party this year
Tangled was her chosen theme!
(I got most my help from supermom moments blog, so I can hardly take much credit for this fun)

Since her birthday included LUNCH and CAKE
we had some YUM:
sailboat jello/orange treats (below)~like the one they rode out on the lake to watch the lanterns, grapes, little hot dogs, chips
which included solid colored table setting (with tangled stickers on the cups...much cheaper)
A tangled braid on the front and back of the door
(that fellow pokeno gals helped me braid until midnight the night before)

BANNERS, BANNERS everywhere.
The town always went all out for Rapunzel's did we!

as Party favors to go home, we sprayed lanterns with twinkly paint, glued on some tangled suns, and lit them with a battery operated candle!
We colored some Tangled Pictures while we arrived

We had FUN making Rapunzel's pet friend chameleon out of party blowers!
AND WE BRAIDEDJust like Rapunzel got her hair braided in the towns square by cute little girls
MY DEDICATED momma friends came over and helped braid EVERY party go-ers HAIR with flowers included!


HER REAL BIRTH DAY!on the actual day of her birth, we celebrated simply with family Dacie has been asking FOREVER for SHIMMERS in her hair for her we broke down and went and got a few We were going to make and ice Tangled SUN sugar COOKIES for her party...but I ordered the cookie cutter too late So we had COOKIES instead of cake that evening!
As if a table full of presents was not enough (we only let her open one a day)
We added a few more presents to the mix. Above she is playing with one of her favorites...the leap frog scribble and write pad from mom and dad.
I SLOWED down a little bit that day to take her to Carls JR. for the, traditional birthday happy meal lunch
To paint her toes a much anticipated Rapunzel purple that she had been begging me to do all week.
I am IN LOVE and am certainly grateful we get to CeLeBrAtE our DACIE
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little girl!!!!

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