Saturday, March 5, 2011


Dan commented to me a few times that I needed to get Colton into the eye doctor because he seemed to struggle while reading sometimes during family scripture and prayer.
Knowing that he LOVES to read and is fine academically...I FINALLY remembered to call and make an appointment.
Sure enough, after a thorough eye exam, Colton is far-sighted (as opposed to me who is extremely near-sighted, and his father who is none) with a slight astigmatism.
I commented how I was not far-sighted nor have any astigmatism, and that Dan has nothing...and the doctor said this very well could be corresponding with his growth spurts and he could very well grow out of it.
Colton thought it was pretty cool to get some glasses. He only needs to wear them for reading, computer, school work type stuff
GLAD we have eye insurance! Dilated Eye

Colton pretty much thought it was super cool to get his eyes he snapped himself a few pictures before and after! Un-Dilated Eye
our pre-teen son COLTON!
He is our MOST EXPENSIVE child thus far with kidney surgeries, Braces and now glasses. BUT I sure do love him and hate seeing things that make him look so much older!

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Katie H said...

Oh my golly. He is adorable. A teen heart-throb. ;)
P.S. I wish my glasses & braces looked that cool when I was a kid...I had the coke bottle glasses, that were orange-tinted, to boot, because my mom thought they looked good. Thankfully, Colton has more hip parents than I did...