Monday, March 14, 2011


My youngest brother, Brendon, returned home from his mission to Independence Missouri
(he spent a majority of the time in Kansas-thus the OZ theme for his signs)
In February
Out of 9 siblings in my family-he made the 8th to have served
(my youngest sister may still serve)
Since my oldest children are boys and they are going to have the opportunity to serve,
I feel like it is important for them to have a a good example of someone they love, serving a faithful mission. Since they will not have an older sibling to look up too.
Colton has always been close to my brother-as my brother is closer to the age of Colton then he is to me.
I thought it was important enough to drive 12 hours to and from, for my oldest 2 boys to see him come home from his mission.
So Sterling, Colton, Amberlyn and I took off for a long weekend in California.
and I was grateful we chose it!
On our way to the airport
Patty Play pal was our favorite person to dress up in Dacie's clothes and make a Dorothy sign holder.

Anxiously awaiting Brendon's arrival at the airport at 11:30pm
(we had to wake Sterling up to go)
Just kicking back
and goofing off

He FINALLY made his way down the escalator as one of the LAST people!
Mom gave us the reaction we wanted- ha ha
(2 years is a long time for a mommy)
Colton was absolutely in awe
He was the first one to wait for him
he even got squished between the first hug-as he jumped right in
The whole night my boys just literally looked up to Uncle B and stared
(which they typically do not show allot of emotion that way)
I am so grateful for my brothers righteous example
and for the opportunity we had to welcome him home!
It was a quick weekend of shopping, exercising, luncheons, pictures, homecoming talks, church
BUT we LOVED every minute of it!

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Kerry said...

Our paths never crossed with Elder Hutchings in Kansas. Do you know what areas he was in? We are in the Olathe Stake.