Sunday, March 6, 2011

Valentines Day in the house!

Valentines arrived at our house with all the usual LOVE and adoration
We could not decorate as we usually do (because we are attempting to sale or rent our home...and had a open house a few days before), BUT we did NOT forget this special holiday to let each other know we love em'!
We made roughly 90 Valentines between school and family!

A few Days before Valentines arrived we held a playgroup in our back yard
It was titled "Sweet and Simple"
We all brought sugar cookies and I provided the toppings...
We iced and ate and chatted to what proves to be beautiful Arizona winter weather

There was some jumping involved as well.
Would you like some sugar cookie to go with those candy hearts Ryland?
Guess what Rhett's favorite part of the holiday was? SUGAR COOKIES
(we have recently been feeding Rhett ALL KINDS of food-we think we are growing out of his allergies...HURRAY!)
There was the typical small gift and love notes on the table that morning!
Dacie's love notes
Ryland's Love Notes
Rhett's love notes
Dan's Love notes Sterling's Love Notes
Colton's Love Notes We also did the traditional Valentines Bags the Family Home Evening before...where we decorate our own paper bags and leave love notes for each other all week long
Here are some of my LOVE NOTES from the kids
They put allot of thought and creativity into them this year...I LOVED it Here are some of the other contents of my bag
Sterling Wrote the SWEETEST note to Rhett I just had to take a picture of it to document!
Dan also had the day off of work...just because!
That would have been good enough for me,
BUT he gave me breakfast in bed and sent me to get a red pedicure with little hearts
Later, while the kids ate heart shaped pizza with Aunt BooBoo and delivered a Valentines to her "crush"
while Dan and I went and stuffed our faces at one of our favorite Chinese buffets, as we have not done that in a while... I have now lost 22 pounds!
We went to bed with full hearts and tummies

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