Thursday, March 24, 2011

RACE ON OVER-SpRiNg BrEAk part 1

Ryland's (and now Rhett's) Birthdays will always land during spring break.
That can be a virtue and a vice
CUZ' this year was Ryland's "even" year, and time for his friend party
MOST FRIENDS make travel plans over spring break....
so we decided to KICK OFF spring break and hold his birthdayparty the last day of school, in the evening
with a pizza party to boot!
He wanted a race car we RAN with it
(invites above, cake below)

The Decor!!!
(we heart our new dollar tree store in town!)

AND oriental magazine
(GoodyBags- Below-full of balloon racers, tattoos, race car suckers...)

included a race car rally, with box cars Ry and I decorated
and the team added the embellished details
Ry's cute friend Braden
Can you see the tattoos and face paints on them that we did when they first arrived?
AND what a relay race it was!!!

Little Dacie even got in on it!
was a switch of teams and another tire relay race

The brothers got in on the fun this time!
Isaac and Makena (above)
Sweet little Martin (marteen) above
and Ashton below
LAST but not least,
was a rowdy game of race, race, win (duck duck goose)
THEN it was time for presents, cake and ice cream AFTER each winning a medal
THE PARTY was NOT OVER for the grown ups...we played a mad game of settlers which the newbie won!
AFTER ALL it was the first day of spring break!


Lizzy said...

So, is the newbie Boo Boo or the guy? Or did you play in teams? Who is the guy Boo Boo is with?

Trezise Momma said...

Happy 6th birthday, Ryland!! It looks like you had a great party (because you have such a creative MOM!)