Tuesday, October 21, 2008

HaPpy 8 YEARS, My LoVE!

Dan and I were married 8 years ago today....
As many of you have heard me say in the past.There is more than one person you can marry. However, you can make the better choice, for you. There is not a "one and only" as the world portrays it --BUT with that being said, after having been married to Dan he is "MY ONE AND ONLY". He could pass away and I would never need to get re-married-- because, I have felt what it is like to really be loved, I have felt love in its purest form-- and because of this love I feel absolutely content and satisfied in that area of my being, whether it is right by me or far away. He is the best one for me! I am grateful I FINALLY listened when the spirit told me that this was a really good thing!
With that being said-I can comfortably say that I am happily married after 8 years. We have accomplished so much in those 8 years. Sometimes we are astonished when our anniversary rolls around that it has not been longer. Dan committed to write a post about the things we have accomplished together. I really believe those are the things that help you grow into love. We have always been looking outward in the same direction (not necessarily in each others eyes)! So stay tuned for the resume of 8years of marriage (post)!!! ha ha ha
Our wedding was ABSOLUTELY perfect in every way. I celebrated with soo many that I love. I think I was able to share it with a person from every stage of my life. Because I was a little bit older when I got married I had experienced allot of things, and I was ECSTATIC to share the most important thing in my life with them-childhood peers, family, high school friends and even teachers, lifeguard buddies, Hill Cumorah Pageant friends, MTC students, EFY counselors/ participants, Basketball coached gals, BYU roomies and friends, girls camp leaders and gals, YW folk, mission companions, president and people I fell in love with....it was a celebration of my life and those who had entered it.I could not imagine it any other way!Besides you all know I am a party girl and this was a great reason to celebrate!
As many of you also know-it took quite awhile for me to decide to get married ...so when I FINALLY did, we CELEBRATED!
The circumstances in my life were 'different' when Dan and I got married. I had returned home from my mission in California--only to find out that my family was moving from Maryland (where I spent a majority of my life) back to California, at the end of that summer. So... when I got married my "home" was in a variety of places. I had taken out my endowments for my mission in the Washington DC temple. I had always known I would be married there. My family had barely moved from MD. months previous to when I was getting married. Dan and I were attending school at BYU and could have chosen a Utah temple--as we both had an abundance of family living there.Dan being raised for a majority of his life in Arizona--Mesa was always an option. Lastly, having served in California and my family now being there-- I could have gotten married in Oakland temple--as that was my mission temple. Realizing travel would have to be made by many wherever we chose, we reviewed the cost of flights, it was only 25 dollars more to go to DC and be in the state that was "home" to me. So amidst some grumblings and complaints we went ahead and decided to get married in DC and shared in every other place!
With a 5 plus month engagement-we had plenty of time to celebrate. Our wedding travels turned into what many would 'lovingly' refer to as the WEDDING TOUR 2000!!!! Some were planned, and some were unplanned and just came to be as time went on!
I kick myself for not getting t-shirts made, BUT if we had this is what it would of said (of course my memory is fading me so the dates may be off a bit):
Provo, Utah ((May/June 2000)-Surprise Bridal Shower
Auburn, California (July 2000)- Engagement party
Germantown, Maryland (July/ August 2000)- Bridal shower
Provo, Utah (September 2000)- Teacher Bridal shower
Washington DC- (OCTOBER 21, 2000) ~WEDDING DAY
Montgomery Village, Maryland (October 21, 2000)-Wedding day luncheon/reception
Rocky Point, Mexico ((October 24-26)-Honeymoon
Glendale, Arizona (October 26, 2000)- Open House
Provo, Utah (October 28, 2000)- Formal Reception
Lets take a trip down memory lane....
Provo, Utah May/June 2000-BYU ward surprise bridal shower
Despite all our LONG saga of love stories(REALLY!)....ironically 3 of us roomies (l to r: Alicia Hutchings(engaged to Dan), Carrine Ukila..sorry I forgot how to spell your last name Carrine(engaged to Randall), Christine Hutchings(engaged to Dave))ended being engaged at the same time (one being my cousin!) . My cousin and I were serving in the RS presidency for the ward and the gals got together to wish us well with a surprise!

AUBURN, California July 2000 Engagement Party

One of my most favorite people in the whole world, that I saw baptized while serving in Auburn, on my mission, Mark Mackay (his post is still coming), threw me an engagement party. Understanding my life in transition and being a party planner himself, he asked to throw me a engagement party as a wedding gift, while I was home in the summer with my family. I could invite those that I had recently served in the Roseville California mission and extended family I had living there. We had a country themed bar-b-q- in the rolling hills at Marks home. It was the happiest mission reunion EVER!

Germantown, Maryland July/August 2000- Bridal shower
My best friend from high school Alin Bauchiero threw me a bridal shower, since I was flown back that summer to help do girls camp in our old stake.
The day is soon arriving!!!! Sending out wedding invites a month before the BIG day
I LOVED our wedding announcement, because they folded up into threes and made this sweet, little, simple envelope invite!

October 20, 2000-Washington DC Tour
Since Dan had never been East of the Mississippi--we decided to go take the bus tour of DC the day before the wedding. It was a 'quickie', BUT we are going back one day....

My wedding day was what I had always envisioned and more. It was during my favorite season...FALL. The leaves had changed colors BUT the day was warm and clear. I was in my favorite temple, with a man who adored me, surrounded by a few of our closest family and friends. I was absolutely in bliss!
But, the most important thing is that I was starting eternity. This was not just a 'till death do we part' thing--it was forever! What comfort, peace and stability that commitment brought. Someone wanted me forever, and I them!
I would NOT have changed a thing about the day (even me falling down the stairs and breaking the heel on my shoe--it was comic relief)!

October 21, 2000- Luncheon/Reception after the sealing
We decided to combine a busy day of wedding events and make our wedding luncheon a reception at the same time. Giving us an early evening so we could catch a plane early the next morning.
The picture above is us leaving the luncheon (as Mr. & Mrs. Sorensen--it took some getting used too!) to a trashed rental car that required cleaning before calling it a night. We did learn from this, and for our Provo Reception we rode a carriage and horse to our far away parked car!

October 24-26 2000 Rocky Point, Mexico- Honeymoon Bliss
It was the most romantic time of my LIFE! We spent days on the beach, watching sunsets and spent nights listening to the waves by candlelight in the most beautiful of homes-- enjoying and learning about us -no phones, TV or people around!
October 26, 200- Glendale, Arizona Open House
We returned from our honeymoon only to run straight to an open house. I should of known better...realizing that Dan had lived there for most of his life, and much of his extended family as well--this little open house was a full-blown reception. You heard no complaints from me!

October 28, 2000- Utah Formal Reception
Since this reception landed on my birthday- of course,we had to have a pinata!!!!!
Because a majority of friends and family were centrally located in Utah, and because this is where we were residing at the time--we ended the wedding tour with a formal reception in Provo, Utah.
This reception was super fun and so well attended!
We had a program with singing...
AND everyone dancing. The big white puff in the middle right, would be me-I lost pieces of my dress at this point! I got good use of it!

...guitar playing (Dan wrote and sang a song for me on his guitar IN FRONT OF EVERYONE--knowing him even better, now, I realize what a HUGE sacrifice that was on his part)
Clogging Performance (I was on the BYU folkdance back-up teams while attending BYU-Clogging was a favorite!!!) this is a rendition of Dan and I's courtship, performed by my cousin Jason Finch and sister Amberlyn--it was hilarious!!!!
I was teaching 3rd grade at Franklin Elementary at the time, and my class even came and performed cowboy songs (me helping them sing above, and the class singing below)! It was a cowboy, sunflower, fall theme for the wedding. We even had this reception in a big barn!!!Don't worry I have settled down a bit since then, and I have "bunkered" down and become a good ol' frumpy mom!

For those of you who know Dan well, realize that socializing and attention to him-are not his thing. He was a little leery about all these events...until we brought home all the gifts (I could have cared less about the gifts..I LOVE the sociability), and then he wanted to schedule some more.Ha ha ha-he is so funny! We can look around our house and see pieces of everyone in it. We were so blessed by so many who wanted to celebrate with us and sacrifice-- comfort,money, travel, gifts and convenience to make it all happen! We realize it was made possible by so many- we will never take that one for granted. Thanks for sharing this special time with us...even 8 years later!

It was hard coming back to reality after all that fun--BUT we did! I cannot look at these pictures and not smile. It was an AmAzInG time in my life!!! I will never forget it...ever--

This is one of the rewards for 8 years of marriage- a picture helper (our four beautiful children)!!!!! Dacie loved helping me take a trip down memory lane!


Marcus, Amy, and Lola said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Eight years is so stinkin long! I was thinking that when we got married you guys had been married as long as we have now...and you guys had two babies and one on the way!! You really have accomplished a lot! You two were meant for eachother. We love you guys!

The Greers said...

Happy Anniversary! It's crazy but being married that long these days is quite the record. I know you two will share many more!

Allison Barry said...

that was very sweet, Alicia. I felt the crying feelings welling up in my eyes. You guys are great.

Higginson's said...

Hey Alicia, it is good to hear from you. I know I am horrible, Kenneth and I have wanted to get together with you guys. We need to. You guys look GREAT! Too bad we missed the party eight years ago. It looked like a fun one. Miss you, Kimberly

Chelle said...

Happy Day for you! You know I still have your beautiful wedding invite. I'm so happy you found each other... ahhh, love.

Trezise Momma said...

What a sweet tribute. We sure are lucky girls to have found our "forever best friends". Your wedding tour made me tired for you. Wow. FYI, I was a clogger too, and loved it. Knowing that you were one too made me smile. BTW, about the burn barrell, we trashed it (surprised?), but Will says they just gave it to him at Sherwin Williams, and they usually have one or two lying around. Tristan is not usually a fighter, but this move has been hardest on him and we are experiencing some new "traits" from time to time. We are just seeing his "terrible two" phase now that he is almost three.

Amanda said...

Alicia CONGRATULATIONS!!! It was so fun to read all about your engagement and wedding. I loved the far away shot of you both in front of the temple it was beautiful. What a wonderful family you have. I'm so happy for you both.

~Diana~ said...

Congrats on eight years! I can't believe it's been that long. Paul and I celebrate our first wedding anniversary this Saturday the 25th. I can't believe it's been a year for us. Anyway, I totally agree with you about your comment about being the one and only. I feel the same way about Paul. The Lord definitely was guiding me to find him. With the Lord's help, Paul and I would have never met!

Erin said...

Congratulations, lovers! I'm soooo glad you found each other! I'm glad I was a part of it all! Love ya!
PS-Go, Dan, for your post! Isn't he sweet?

Dawn said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful memories...the great wedding tour 2000! Our family will never forget it...Russ said it was the best trip he had ever been on (up to that point in his life!) I have always been impressed by how easily you make friends and how long you keep them...that says something about the kind of person you are. I'm so glad you and Dan are part of our family, and have such a beautiful family of your own. We love you so much! Again, congratulations!!

kk Leilani said...

Wow! the tour de Sorensens was a blast to look at! I was at the end of the tour myself and remember how much fun everyone had! I'm so happy for you....I knew it was going to happen! I loved the DC pic sooooooooooo much. Majestic. And all the other pictures were so fun too see. I hardly recognize anyone from the mission pic...maybe 2 or 3...wow. Much Love...and I look forward to more years of lovin stories on your blog!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Congrats on 8 years--that's wonderful!! You guys are perfect for each other! I loved all the old photos. That one in front of the temple with the fall leaves is my favorite--it's abosolutely gorgeous!

booboo said...

Wow. It doesn't seem like 8 years have passed. I couldn't help but cry looking at all your cute pictures!! If I am lucky enough someday to be as happy as you and Dan are I will have to count myself lucky!! You guys rock and Happy Anniversary!!

Lindsay said...

Alicia - thanks for checking out my blog, it was good to hear from you. I love this post with all the pictures from the past. Congrats on 8 years!

The Mair Family said...

Congratulations on 8 years of marriage. I am glad to see that you are so happy. I loved the beautiful wedding pictures. I remember seeing you at the reception in Arizona and I believe that is the last time we have visited in person. We are really going to have to remedy that being that we are residing in the same state.

Mise-en-Scene said...

Happy freakin' birthday Alicia. Maybe you will stop blogging long enough to go out and do something fun today! Have a blast freakaButt.