Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The BEACH!!!

We spent 2 BEAUTIFUL DAYS on Mission BEACH
(6 plus hours a day for us beach bums)We built one masterful sand castle as a family...that the boys promptly wanted to
'wreck' when we were finished.

Sand was plentiful (even AFTER we went home), and so were the toys...
Sterling and Colton spent HOURS looking for shells. Sterling had THE FIND of a lifetime and found a complete sand dollar (whole)...

which was smashed by his brother Colton later that afternoon!

This is as close as Dacie got to the water, if it touched her toes...she would scream!It was the harvest of the kelp this time of year. I LOVED popping the bulbs on the end that make them float--it felt like bubble wrap!

Of course kit flying was in order-
we only let one fly away and one ended up in the trash can!

Like how Ryland flew his kite?-prostrate style!

Ryland was our little scavenger, and would consider ANY little thing he found on the beach a treasure...
including cigarette butts, broken pail handles (they were his keys), lip gloss, lip stick, a sole to a sandal...
Here he is (above) filling up an old french fry bag with sand.
Who needs to bring sand toys when you got trash?

This was the most action our boogie boards got this trip. I took the boys out on the boards the first day and every single one came in crying. I am not gonna lie...the water was cold (66 degrees) so that probably did not help!
Dacie never strayed far from "home" base, or momma--she would rather pose, play in my bag, or sit on her special chair!

Colton and Sterling spent the first day in the water (to their knees) pretending to surf and getting tossed around by the currents and waves.
Little Sterling got 'rocked' so much that first day--we were up most the evening giving him Motrin and helping him to walk (his little gimp foot had a hard time of it)

Usually Dan and Dacie would call it a day at late naps and lunchtime. I would call it quits when every boy was crying from exhaustion, sand in their eyes...and just too much fun!
I could pretty much sit on the beach all day reading a good book, piddling around, feeling the sea breeze and listening to the waves!



Janae Gordon said...

The beach is definitly my favorite family vacation. It even beats Disneyland! Love the "fun in the sand" photos!

The Travis' said...

Hey Alicia,
Looks like you guys had a lot of fun on vacation!!!! I love the beach!! It looks like you got some rest and relaxation too!!
Hope you had a great time.


I am so jealous! We are having rain AND snow and you guys are at the beach.... It looks so fun!

kk Leilani said...

I love beach vacation pics! They're warm, happy, everyone's having a good time and is easily entertained. Love these last few posts. Can't wait for more. Loved the sand dollar moment, the kite flying laying down, and all the Dacie pics. Love you! Love your family.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

That looks sooo fun! My kids have been asking when we will ever go to the beach. I'd better not show them these fun pictures! =)