Friday, October 17, 2008

and....SEA WORLD!!!!

We also spent 2 WONDERFUL days taking in the sights and sounds
of Sea World while in San Diego

They have a special running right now, that you pay for the price of one day

and get to go 2!!!

I cannot imagine being able to fit it all in one day, with lots of small kiddos!

...of course, they had decorated for Halloween (my absolute favorite time of the year).

being desert folk-we rarely have contact with creatures of the sea.

It was awe inspiring for us!

The shows were easily Dacie and I's favorites. We could have watched them all day long!

Dacie would insist on sitting by herself the whole time and would just sit and watch...not even a wiggle!
The boys wanted the real deal, and opted to sit on the front row (sterling did for every show)
in the SPLASH ZONE--they came away soaking WET!
The rest of us sat a few rows up with towels!

Here is Dacie watching the dolphin show intently!

...and they even have a show for rescued pets-it was amazing to see what you could train your pig, cat, dog, and ducks to do!
We had no camera for the walrus show.
They went trick-or-treating and it was HILARIOUS!!!

We LOVED the 'hands-on" experience our kids got there as well!
Playing in the tide pools with the star fish!

Dolphin feeding time-Ryland and mommy got lucky and got to pet/play with one of the dolphins
They feel pretty awesome--

The sting/bat rays were Sterling's favorite and he kept asking to go back
Their texture was a bit more slimy!
They had about every kind of sea creature you can think of to observe!
The shark tunnel was always a hit.
The penguins were stinky, but much looked forward too by Ryalnd and Sterling!We managed to have only one or two melt-downs for the missed nap days
(Dacie will only sleep in a crib--no parents or stroller)
She is not a big fan of having so sit in a stroller strapped in anymore!

...and, of course the rides were always a BLAST (of water)
Dan and Sterling are in the very back!
Mommy and Colton are in the very front!
The have a whole kids Sesame section--that my kids could have spent hours in!
We only lost one kid (Sterling) for about 15 minutes (of panic).
Kid leashes are in tow for next time!

Colton flying solo!

Dacie and Daddy!
Dacie and Daddy!
We closed the park down each day and walked to our car looking at the sunset!
What a happy, fun, fascinating, adventurous kinda of day(s)!!!!


Russ said...

im so jealous. i dont think ive ever been to seaworld... looks like so much fun.

Kerry said...

Sniff...sniff...I am getting tears of nostalgia. I love that place!It was seriously the best job EVER! And in case you were wondering what I did when I worked there...I was the one who got on the microphone at the different animal exhibits and talked about the animals and answered questions and stuff. I miss it!

Trezise Momma said...

I love Seaworld! It is my favorite way to spend a vaction day. You have the right idea taking several days to blog about your trip. Trying to fit it all in one post, would have been a nightmare, and you wouldn't have been able to include everything. I am glad you guys had fun.

kk Leilani said...

Never been...well maybe when I was little, but can't remember it like your friend Kerry. Looks like a lot of fun. I would love to see the shows. I love how intently Dacie watched the Dolphin and Whale shows!!!! I'm sure your family will talk about it often and want to go back soon! fun fun times!

Aaron & Jayme said...

I LOVED the shows when we went to Sea World last year. It looks like you guys had an awesome vacation!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh wow Alicia! You captured some AMAZING moments! What a fun trip. I'm sure you have created some lifelong & priceless memories for your kids!

Emily said...

I've never been to Sea World. It looks like so much fun! Maybe someday when i feel certain that my kids won't all run off in different directions I might give it a go.

Dawn said...

What a fun glad you got to go! Brought back lots of memories..although they have lots of new stuff too from when I was there last! I think we have a picture of Clint by that same glad you had a good time!