Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekly Synopsis

~We made fun Halloween magnet pictures with fingerprint frames for preschool!~

Monday October 20 -Started out with a bang! We had preschool at our home this week. We were on the letter "F" and did some freaky things with our fingers that day--finger paint, find freaky things (Halloween toys) with our five fingers-in our peanut filled sandbox. Of course it was a wonderful fun day. I always like having preschool at our house--because it gets cleaned after!! ha ha.
~Finding freaky things with out fingers for preschool~

Tuesday October 21- 8 years of marriage bliss (most of the time...come on, its real life-ha ha) It was Dan and I's anniversary. We each take turns being in charge of the celebrations each year--and this year is was Dan's turn, he did a most excellent job! Dan has off on Tuesdays--so that landed right on our anniversary and my birthday...BONUS!! Maybe I am not so mad that he has to work overtime.

We were getting a "retreat" this weekend, but Dan still managed to call over my sister that evening so we could go out to dinner. We ate at the Grasshopper Grill in Cornville. It is a quaint little country place w/ great food. We missed the dart throwing contest--darn it! Dan's claim to fame that evening was getting the top score on an old 80's arcade and entering his name into the machine. I enjoyed the evening breeze that came through the windows all during dinner--since the weather has been HOT!

Afterwards we took a drive out to where Dan will be hunting Elk w/ his dad after Thanksgiving (YES!! he got drawn again this year!)--we sat and talked all about US, while overlooking the small town city lights and watching the stars. It has been awhile since we have done that! Sometimes we can be cheesy! We came home to take Cara and John (mys sis and BIL) on in a game of Rate Your Mate. For never winning the game (according to Dan)--Dan and I actually WON!!! It must have been a special night!

The boys making their leaf pile outside to jump in! Even though the weather has warmed up after being cold, we are getting some colors and leaves-although very muted!

Wednesday October 22-We had a LONG presidency meeting that evening starting before Dan got off of work. I actually had the kids showered, in pj's, and dinner on the counter when Dan came to grab the kids at the church on his way home from work!

Thursday October 23 -Preschool was at our home once more! We fed the fishes at the pond and went fishing for songs we were going to sing today!

That night I sadly had my last softball game. I have been playing since April!!! We were in tournament --and after missing players and having to forfeit-this game was a little rough for us. Of course, I could not leave the season without a huge egg on my shin. I also went down "swinging" with good solid hit to left field. Despite some of the potty mouths and being a bit rough around the edges, I was really sad to say good-bye to my fellow players. They give great farewell hugs... I am going to miss softball too!!

~Feeding the fishes (or really the ducks) for preschool!~

Friday October 24- Having carefully calendared vacation days at Dan's work this year. Dan was able to take time off work for our anniversary "get-away" this weekend. We got off a little bit later than anticipated after teaching seminary and taking our small car in to get work done on it.

We were headed to Flagstaff, and went through Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon on the way. We stopped at a small sandwich shop for lunch and it was great eating in their flower garden and looking up at the mountains. The Canyon is beautiful right now (even prettier than Flagg). It inspired me to go camping w/ the kids SOON!~

Check-in to our motel was not until 4pm. So we went and visited the Arboretum in Flagg. I had no idea what one of those were... until today. Most everything had 'died' -we had missed the colors (like the pictures) by a few weeks. But it was still intriguing to walk around and enjoy being outdoors and the beauty. Plants really is a life for some-it was a plant reserve in a sense.

I think our favorite part of the trip besides the wooden gnome that would bite your hand if you lied!..was finding all the cool names of the different plants, herbs, trees, cactus's, wildflowers, grasses.... Here are a few that made the "list":

3 Nerve Goldenrod, Mountain Spray, Arizona Coral Drops, Todsen's Pennyroyal, Sleepygrass, Sundrop Bluesheep, Showy 4 o'Clock, Mountain Lover, Ladies Tresses Orchid, Kinnickinnik, Little Leaf Pussytoes, Fendler Sandwort, Golden Filaree, Firefly Coral Bells, Jimson Weed, Sacred Datura, White Virgins Bower, Creeping Phlox, Lamberts Locoweed, Yellow Allysum, Tiger Beardtongue, Scarlet Bugler, Mexican Rush (you can imagine the jokes Dan made with that one!), mother-of-thyme, Heatherleaf, Wild-Buckwheat, Evergreen Candytuft, and Mountain Wallflower...PHEW!! That is a mouthful.

Don't you just think some of those names are dreamy?, and fairytalish. I could see little fairy's dancing around in those names . The other names were just fun or funny! I decided I wanted to get on board for naming plants! I cannot wait to go back in the spring!

After checking in to our motel and having to switch rooms (for mouse droppings--yuck!!!) we went to dinner at Red Lobster for the all-you can-eat shrimp fest. We get there about once a year for that special! Afterward we went and bought me some socks (with toes) since I had only worn flip-flops and we were going on a outside/inside tour of the Riordan Mansion (above) and I was actually cold (for once in my life).

The Riordan family was one of the first families to establish Flagstaff in the lumber business. They built 2 identical mansions and joined them together with a game room. They are about 13,000 square feet each (I think) and are absolutely intriguing-- to see the state of the art amenities they had for the early 1900's. Running hot and cold water/ electricity. The homes have so many nooks and crannies, and rooms and were so well preserved!! They had TONS of artifacts from that day as well.

About four times a year around Halloween they do a spooky tour. They take you around and tell scary stories--some true, some not. Of course there are doors slamming, and women crying, bells ringing, and lights going out during it. My heart jumped a few times...BUT Dan was expecting 'more'. The house itself was worth going for. It was super COOL!
Saturday October 25- We woke up to go to breakfast at one of the BEST buffet breakfasts we have ever had. Afterwards I got to soak in the heart shaped Jacuzzi (in one half of our suite)all by myself and read my second book in the Fabelhaven series--ahhh! After check-out we went SHOPPING until early evening. It was a great time to not have kids and walk around and buy things we did not NEED!

We started home and read about the candidates and propositions on the ballot this year--on the way back down the mountain. We finished up our early ballots and put them in the mail!! Can you tell from the pictures who we voted for, and who we did not?(these were some GREAT costumes we had at the adult Halloween party)!!!

We came home to very spoiled children-who were spoiled by Aunt mommy Cara and Grandma! They were jumping off the walls--and it took a little bit to get them in bed. We ended the evening by watching a movie and visiting w/ Dawnster (Dan's mom)
Sunday October 26- Was the primary program for sacrament meeting! The kids have been practicing all year for this (with the music). I was excited to see how it ended up. We barely made it on time (of course). But, it was so worth it! Colton was the narrator and did well at reading, even asking it like a question when they were questions. He did not skip a beat when it was his turn to read. Sterling was the singing champ. He stood straight and tall and sang his little heart out. He NEVER did that during singing time in primary. He LOVED called to serve! Sterling had his part memorized and did no miss a thing! I was so proud of them. They had been dressed as missionaries for the called to serve song wearing Dan and I's badges. I could just see them as missionaries--it made my heart very tender. It was also rewarding to watch the music. They followed all my ideas I had for the program and the children knew all the songs. It was sweet closure for my past calling. Dan's parents and Aunt Kerri (as well as Cara and John) all came to watch, and we had a fun visit and lunch after church.
That evening Janae Gordon (my friend and fellow counselor in the stake YW presidency) was able to email Mindy Gledhill (an LDS music artist who does EFY and TIME OUT for Women tours) and get her to come do a fireside on her way home from a benefit dinner she had done in Mesa. We had a meeting before the fireside. I was gone from about 5:30pm-9:00pm. it went so well and it is always a treat to have such great guest speakers, especially in our small town!
It had been an awesome week-with so many things I looked forward too--I went to bed smiling!


The Greers said...

I can't believe how big Ryland is. I didn't even recognize him.
I LOVE the Riordan mansion. I used to go there all the time. I used to live in the wooden apartments that are right next to it. That place is pretty creepy at night.
I also LOVED your halloween costumes, peace sister.

Trezise Momma said...

I totally got a kick out of Sterling singing "Called to Serve"! He was awesome, and he really has a great voice for a little dude! I was sorry that we didn't get to visit, but Miss Avery was "on one" at church, and I took her home as soon as I could get away.
Your anniversary get away sounded like fun. Children are wonderful, but time away with your spouse is such a treat!

kk Leilani said...

I'm not gonna lie, I love the weekly synopsis. The get away looks like Heaven and was much deserved! You should do that more often.