Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Pier!

Our Sunday Afternoon was spent on a leisurely walk along the pier...

Dacie used about every mode of transportation as she took it all in, she was definitely an observer and watcher this trip.

Yes, this would be a 'chick' surfing th wave above...she was the only one to get up while we watched the surfers wait for the perfect ride!

I am sure Dacie is envisioning the day when she would be out there herself...surfing
That girl has such color and personality!!!
The boys just relaxin' while watching the waves!

Dacie was enthralled with watching the waves crashing below her through the cracks in the wood planks!
and of course..we watched the mackerel getting reeled in while someone lost "THE BIG ONE!"
I could spend every Sunday afternoon with my family this way!


THE ORMES said...

Vacations are SOOOOOO wonderful!!! I'm jealous. :) So glad you're getting one. You are DEFINITELY deserving with as crazy as your life is. I feel stressed out for you every time I read your posts.

Janae Gordon said...

I love the ocean! We always thought that it would be so great to have a house on the ocean because it is so soothing. I can sit on the beach and just not do anything for hours! That would definitly be my "Happy Spot"

Trezise Momma said...

I loved the shot of Dacie looking at the waves through the cracks on the pier. Too cute!

Russ said...

The beach is so beautiful. I bet the weather is nice there. i just read those side comments you have on your blog... i never noticed em... that one of sterling figuring out dacie doesnt have a penis is HILARIOUS!!! WOW!

Emily said...

I loved the ocean when i went to California. I hadn't seen the ocean for many years. I had completely forgotten what it looked like in person. I bet your kids will remember your trip forever.

Dawn said...

you made lots of memories...and have lots of fun pictures to help you remember them! I love watching the waves in the ocean...they are soothing...yet strong; calm and unpredictable at times. Don't you wish you could live at the beach...but then you wouldn't appreciate it like you do when you get to occastionally visit!