Friday, October 31, 2008

Adult Halloween Costume Party!-*YOU GOTTA SEE THIS*

Since it is Halloween and all, I thought it was an appropriate day to share our


Once a month all us friends get together for a group date or family outing. We each take turns heading it up--this year my month was October along w/ Allison Millet. We had such a FUN Halloween party last year.. we decided to make it a annual thing. We held it on the weekend of October 18


~THE PARTY PLANNING PALS~ (Me and Allison Millet)


(Thanks to my friend Nicole Gordon for opening up her beautiful and large home!)


Everyone brought their own treats...and of course some got creative and went ALL out

(Julie Hoggards creation above and homemade rootbeer below w/ dry ice)

Millet Spiders


We played some group games of BLACK MAGIC and LET THE BROOM HANG (thanks Hanis tribe)!

of course....DONUT EATING CONTEST on a string was in order

( There were so many at once I could not tell who finished first out of 3 people--2 shown above, only missing Julie who represented the girls quite well not shown)


The winning group! It probably was cheating to have the orthopedic surgeon help, as he makes a living doing things quickly, efficiently, and gently with his hands!

AC/DC Rocker Mummy!

Who is that?

and a good ol' game of STINKY FEET~

(identify your hubby's feet)


(that would be MY MAN!- I did NOT pick the winner just to set the record straight!)


IF any of you lack ideas for Halloween costumes-check out the photos below...

people went all out!--(I guess they just get more creative every year)

1st place costume winners- The polygamists! 2nd place winners- McCain and Palin

the hippie Sorensen's The wild woman (Cara the cave woman) and her hippie sister (

The polygomists-The Welly clan

(really some people came solo b/c of babysitting, sickness and trips--so they made the best of the situation don't you think?) They were so funny--they played their parts all night- referring to "father" for most of the evenings events!

Jim & Monica version of Deal or no Deal ( the game show)

Gordon Scooby Doo

Gordon for president!

Rigg Devils (they had Obama signs on their backs)Hoggard Greasers

(those would be my saddle shoes from 8th grade cheerleading...I knew they would come in handy one day!)Steinerts Bride of Frankenstein Raban Romans

Tylers GreeksSadie our Country Bumpkin Backus Plumbers and Pipi's

Williams PiratesBishop Bargar and the pregnant nun--she really IS 7 months pregnant! ( my mission costume is getting good use)Millets Mirage-from gypsy to prison!Little Red Riding Schultz
..and a lady who made a wrong turn for another party she was suppose to be at (really...that happened)--SUPRISE!!!!


Trezise Momma said...

Cute party Lady! We are so sad we missed it. The pepper carving contest was a cute idea. Maybe I would like carving peppers better than pumpkins? Loved the lost party go-er. If I was lost, this would have been a great party to find!

Aaron & Jayme said...

So this lady was lost and instead of going to her own party,she stayed at yours?! :)
I LOVE the polygamists!!! I have never laughed so hard at a costume before. You throw awesome parties!! You can tell from just the pics how much fun you guys had.

Julie Hoggard said...

Way awesome party and post! I loved the pics- can't wait til next year! Thanks again for letting me borrow your shoes.

The Mair Family said...

How fun!! You are so creative and quite the party planner. I love the adult party idea. I may have to steel some social event ideas. I love my ward and it would be a lot of fun to implement some adult activities among friends. Oh and happy Belated Birthday!!! What a sweet family to make it a great day for you. Love the goals. I have never taken the chance to set goals on my birthday as it falls in January but that is a great idea!


wow - i got some great costume ideas for next year! that sounds like an awesome party!

kk Leilani said...

I loved all the costumes. Your hood knows how to have a good time. I was laughing at the pregnant nun. that is hilarious. I love is so fun no matter what age so it seems....always giving us a moment to have a good time. There were some classic costumes. I can't believe that Palin character...she almost looked for real. ha ha.And the Pipi...loved the socks. Looked like a great night! Had to have been if you were in charge. LOVE YOU. Happy Halloween!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

The party was SOOOO fun! You guys did an awesome job. Can't wait for next year! =)

Higginson's said...

Looks like FUN!!! Now we know where to go to party. We should get together soon. I think our kiddos would have fun together. We already know we will!!!