Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekly Wrap Up September 29- October 3!!!!

This week will be a quick one, because we are getting ready to head out!This week we spent allot of time in the sun as it was warm for September!
My sister and I spent quite a few hours making 30 invitations for our group date in October (after my friend Tori Scott showed me how at her home).
We are going to be holding our annual Halloween costume party--so we had to make some 'mummy' wrapped invites!!!

My sister and BIL are still living with us, but have put a deposit down on an apartment and will be gone next week-while we are playing in San Diego!
I'm not gonna lie...
it has been nice to be able to run errands whenever and wherever I needed to with them around!
*WARNING* Nude Picture to follow
Little Miss Dacie has such a personality and is starting to come into her own with fashion desires. I got this fun summer dress at a garage sale, but Dacie insisted on taking it off and on all day LONG. It ended up being a skirt after naps with a droopy diaper and I could NOT resist taking a picture of the plumbers "crack"

Of course our week had some nightly visitors-a.k.a skunks! There is more reasons to hate skunks besides the fact they stink, are ugly, and defecate on our lawn...they destroy our mulch nightly! Check out pictures below: I got some fun phone calls from old mission companions (Sister Harvey) and a mission family (Kris Handa)!! Those were happy phone calls.
I caught a foul ball over the fence at first, BUT hardly hit worth a bean at my co-ed softball game this week. Dan got to substitute for a men's league team on Wednesday night while I was at a YW activity ( the stake ran the activity for Black Hills ward this week).
My sister celebrated her birthday absolutely kid style today--and her and I got to go to eat salads at my favorite restaurants for lunch and do some swimsuit shopping for Dan!

We woke Cara up celebration style. Don't you just love their sleeping arrangements in our Living Room?
Last but not the LEAST--we have been packing and making arrangements for our week long vacation to San Diego. Dan had to work a little on Tuesday & stay late one evening to catch up and plan ahead on his paperwork. There has been laundry, shopping, notes to teachers, packing...and you get my drift-whew! going ON a vacation can be allot of work!!!
We are excited for this next week and look forward to sharing all our fun adventures with you--don't have too much fun without us--we will not have Internet access!


The Greers said...

LOVE the invites. I so wished I lived in Cottonwood.
Daci, Daci, Daci, you make me laugh!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Those invites are too cute. I still have the one Cami made a few years ago because I thought they were so darling! Cute dress on Dacie! Looks like Aunt Cara had quite the fun celebration for her b-day. I hope you guys are having a blast in S.D. and can't wait to hear/read about it!

Emily said...

I am mystified about the skunks around your. Why do they love you and your mulch so much? Do your neighbors have the same kind of trouble? Hope you're having fun in San Diego.