Friday, October 17, 2008

Dancing at Sea World!

Much to my hearts children (some more than others) tend to bust out their moves when they hear a catchy tune, regardless of where it is!!

Ryland is no exception...he told me to record him dancing like he is going to do on TV (ever since he saw that little boy break dancer on so you think you can dance--he thinks he is going to be on TV dancing)!!! Not sure he will ever be on TV for his classic dance moves, but we certainly can have FuN trying!! I think children are so great in regards to no inhibitions or worrying about what others think--they just enjoy the world around them!


kk Leilani said...

Those were some loose, funky, get jiggy wit it moves! ahhh ha ha! That was great....and to the music....that elevator sort of off music...I love that this kid can groove even to a toon that would not normally make one get their groove on! Hilair. much love

Dawn said...

Allright, Ryland! I'm sure you have the moves to make it on TV! What a priceless treasure to it to his fiance someday!