Monday, October 20, 2008

Week Synopsis October 13-19

Monday October 13 - Are we really home from vacation? ...and it is FALL break--it was me and the kiddos just hanging at home! Allot of unpacking happened today.
Dan found out they had fired someone while he was gone and he had to work late the next 2 evenings to help cover. The H.S did not have fall Dan had to still teach seminary this week-he was gone from 6:20am-7:30pm! We missed having Dan all to ourselves...we did not have to share, and he was not as tired. He came home pretty stressed the next couple of days!Poor daddy--

Tuesday October 14 - Dan did have his regular weekday off and we went to work at home. We started winterizing the front yard by trimming things down one last time (thank you to our BIL John for giving it, its last mow while we were away). The cold has set in, in the evenings so our grass has died! We also caught up on our coupon sense and did some grocery shopping. We decorated for Halloween, and the kids were going WILD!~We also budgeted and went over money. That is always fun to do after returning from a vacation where you spent allot of it!
That evening I had stake meetings and was gone from 6:30pm-9:00pm at them. I did some grocery shopping on my way home.

Wednesday October 15- I had 2 softball games (outside the regular season to make up for rain-outs) this evening. With Dan working late my sister came and watched the goobers--we traded for dinner. The kids hung out earlier that day to swim in my sisters "un heated" pool! Hace Frio--Dan came by my games on his way home from work and I felt like my boyfriend was coming to watch me play-he he Thursday October 16- I am so sore from the 2 softball games the previous night. Allot of my girlfriends have October birthdays (besides me) so we collaborated and went to lunch together w/ no kiddos (above- I am BIG BLUE-ha ha)! That rarely happens. It is always a treat. I have some of the greatest friends ever--I always love being with them.
Dan got off of work a little bit early because the chamber of commerce was meeting at his office that evening and he needed to be there.
My sister and I went to a bar-b-q at her apartments with the kids, and then I ran home to get a little bit more dressed up to be w/ Dan and socialize with all the local businesses (chamber of commerce) that evening. Again, my sister to the rescue with babysitting!
It was busy kind of socializing day!

Friday October 17- It takes me forever to get out and run errands anymore. My sister wanted to see the kids, so she asked if she could watch them while I ran to a few places.
One of those places was a car wash/detail place (we always give our minivan a good clean up after vacation). The weather was nice that afternoon so it was a 1hr. 45 minute wait. I left...only to have my sister call me and tell me that she got Dacie to fall asleep in her closet, and I had left lunch for the other ones. I had a bit of time to get it done. So I sat at a car wash and talked on the cell to my old mission comp (sister Harvey) who just had a club foot baby. My dang phone ran out of batteries. I could have talked to her all day with no KIDS! I also read some magazines and felt so "naughty" for being kid-less, or that I was going to have to pay a HUGE babysitter fee! I got to Cara's just as Dacie woke up and we ran home to meet up with our play date that afternoon- the Hoggards!
Of course, it was Fun Friday and we ate pizza in the Living room watching parent trap. We found out today that our computer had a virus, thus the reason I could not access any ones blogs. Dell wanted a nice $130 to remove it. Ummm, NO! BUT it started working just fine that evening after battling it all week. I was blog deprived for sure!

Saturday October 18-Some more yard work and bathrooms to be cleaned. I had to run to the post office and the store. Later that afternoon I had to go decorate for our Halloween party. That evening we grabbed a babysitter and went. It was a HIT (above)!!!

I was not too stressed about the whole affair. We had a great home to have it in (Nicole Gordon's) that was a perfect size and absolutely clean!...and I had a great person to plan with (Allison Millet) she would get it done and was absolutely reliable!

We have the greatest group of friends--we are lucky and tonight was no exception!

Sunday October 19- We were on time to church despite our late evening! Dan had to conduct in EQ (b/c no one from the presidency was there and he was teaching) and I substituted for singing time. We practiced for the primary program that is happening next week. It is amazing to me how quickly I had forgotten the songs. I kept making little mistakes here and there, forgetting to cue the kids to stand, etc. etc. This was the second week doing that. I realized that the mantle had definitely been transferred. Those things came so naturally before, and now they took allot of concentrated effort on my part!

We got some much needed naps from a fun weekend. Then had dinner and cookies by candlelight w/ grandma and grandpa Sorensen who stopped on their way coming back from Winslow.

Great Week! I am going to miss my goobers, in a sense, after having them to myself for 2 weeks!


Trezise Momma said...

Your costumes were so cute! Will and I are sad that we missed the party. Sounds like it was tons of fun. I cannot wait to get back to the Wood', and Will is right there with me. He just keeps saying how much he misses our friends. We are truly blessed to have such a great, huge group of friends, not just for us, but for our kids also.

Janae Gordon said...

I was lovin' your threads! Thanks for planning the Par-T! We had a geat time!

mjs ashworth said...

Your Halloween costumes are classic!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

The party was sooooo fun & wonderful. Thank you for all the planning that you did. It was an absolute HIT! You are a party girl for sure! (loved the costumes too!)

Dawn said...

Okay...that was a fantastic guys looked great! The party sounded like it was lots of fun! I'm glad you have such good friends there. Peace!!

kk Leilani said...

I loved the pics! you looked rockin. you are a babe! I love the life you bring to all the home with your kids, with any church calling, with anyone around bring that energy and life that helps us to keep going. I can't wait to see you one day soon and hug my life long sister love compie...and hug away all my inadequacies and disappointments for just a moment in time! You are the best!