Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can Someone Get That?!!!

As some of you might know I answer phones on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons for a local family owned trash business. They transfer the calls to my cell phone. It has been such a blessing for us to support some extra expenses and save. Anyways-yesterday 1/16 was a typical answering the phones kind of day. The nice thing is I can let the answering machine get the calls and I can return the calls when I am NOT kid occupied. Well, Colton was doing his homework next to me and it was time to lay Dacie down for a nap, so her and I took a trip to her room with bottle in tote. I have fans blowing in all my kids room while they sleep to block out the phone ringing, neighbor banter, brother fighting, doorbell ringing noise that takes place during their sleep. So while I was in her room laying Dacie down I could not hear when the phone was ringing. Colton thought he would be helpful and answered the phone for me while I was in the room. I have NO IDEA what kind of conversations he had with some of the customers, but he did mention that he told one lady I was laying down the baby and would be back in 12 minutes. I am not sure where he got that number from but I have to laugh. 12 minutes then eh? Maybe I should time it to see if he is keenly aware of time without me knowing it! Later on he said, "oh yeah, I told the other lady five minutes because you had been there in awhile!" I guess some customers got a 6-year-old treat to break up the monotony of their construction trashy days! Thanks Colton for being a great helper...I think!


T-Ray said...

What a cute little guy! I love how he helps his mom out. I also had a flashback of the mission when you were talking about fans in your kids rooms. It reminded me of the time in Auburn when the fan was hitting against the wall and we thought some one was in our room. I had to laugh. Oh the memories

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh that is too funny! It sounds like he was so confident & helpful when answering the phone--so you gotta give him that!

Ashworth's In Az said...

I love it! That would be so great to call a business and get a 6 year old, I get so sick of the professional ladies. You gat a good thing going, out him to work!!