Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Laundry Time!!!

No One, I mean NO ONE, should have this good of a time with their dirty laundry!!(check out the peacock feather on her head after we took out her pigtail!) Dacie was forever playing in her basket, so I snuck over with the camera...

AND she turned INTO A HAM! We had our own little photo shoot going on as she scrunched up her nose, laughed at herself, switched poses, and thought she was the cutest thing ever (which she was) while I snapped away!

Amidst the sickness in our home there are still some GREAT things to smile about! (like dirty laundry)She is so funny!


RC Henderson, Inc. said...

forget about laundry when you have a girl THAT cute!

Yea and no kidding about PS2 and xbox stuff - I am sure you face that having boys! Seriously, RAndall and I fight over it every day. I am with you though, saying the same thing over and over: everything in moderation.

Gosh, boys will never change even when they are 30!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh, she is cute--she can even make dirty laundry look fun! :-) I LOVE those pj's--and the leftover ponytail!

Erin said...

Oh, my gosh! She is killing me with cuteness! That smile! I just want to kiss her little cheeks! You make 'em adorable too, my friend!

Dawn said...

Glad you can find laughter among the hard times; she is such a ray of sunshine in your home, and always has a smile on her face...well...maybe not ALWAYS...but most of the time! Love her pj's! Thanks for making me smile...miss you all! Hope you have a good time in California!
LOve, Grandma S

Meet the T-Squad said...

When are you coming to California???? Are you going to give me a call so we can get together... I haven't seen you in forever. AND you are hard to get a hold of!!! I love the family... and Happy 1st Birthday Dacie -

The Thompson Family