Monday, November 26, 2007

Over The River and Through The Woods....

To Grandfather's house we go- the KIA knows the way to carry the weight through the sand and drifted snow (Cottonwood fluffies). As we pulled out of town late afternoon on Thanksgiving Day to go down to Phoenix and have dinner with Dan's family. I had to wake the boy's from their naps I sang the to Grandmothers house- song to help lighten the sleepy mood a bit (to which I was told to be quiet! hmmm). It DID SNOW as the wind had picked up and there were 'fluffies' (off of the budding bushes around here) flying EVERYWHERE- it looked just like snow yet, or ever I am afraid with such a warm fall!
(Above) Grandpa and Ryland sleeping in Grandpa bears bed-sleeping buddies were not hard to come by with so many bodies around! (Below) Grandpa and Ryland looking at X-mas lights-my favorite is grandpa and how he is wearing his hat!

Our tummies were empty and we pulled in just in time for dinner (we timed that right). We enjoyed our stay in Glendale the rest of the weekend. We got in some serious high definition football games (Dan), shopping (all of us), some sweet deals (Alicia), temple trip (Dan and Alicia), videos (kids), playing games (Dan and Alicia)going to the Glendale Glitter lights (a glorified Christmas carnival, vendors, dancers, jugglers, singers, games, man-made snow, music, crafts, and all) the main square was all decked out in lights! (Ryland, Dacie, Mom and Gma &Gpa Sorensen). We certainly made a weekend of it-

On a motherhood note-no one ever told me that half of my children's lives would be spent nursing them back to health (maybe you forget like labor pains-thank heavens! ). If I could get them all healthy at the same time it would be grand! Ryland and Dacie started showing early signs of strep-so we called in and got antibiotics. Colton started with a dry cough that kept him up all hours at night. Dacie started severe diarrhea once again (before we got the antibiotics)-after having it for 14 days! I was tired of having a sick baby, and she certainly did not want to be put down or not paid attention too. She screamed most of the weekend and in the car (I hope it is sickness and not a phase). She did not sleep well at all either, and when you are staying at someone else's home we share a room with her, or next to her and cannot just let her cry it out! Dan took a large load this weekend at night wakings, as I felt nauseated the whole weekend pretty much. My immune system has been shot since I have had Dacie. With little sleep, not feeling well, and little patience w/ sick children-it can take the fun right out of FUN! I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!

On a spiritual note ,however,because I felt so sick I had a legitimate excuse to not attend the temple and just sleep (like I felt like doing). But, I knew in my heart that it had been too long since we had last went, and that it needed to be a priority and a sacrifice if needs be. We got ready and went to the temple. The whole trip up there I was not sure this was a good idea, but as soon as we arrived I felt absolutely fine. It felt sooo good to feel well. I was so happy and free of burden. We did sealings, and I was so IN LOVE with my husband. I felt the spirit so strongly. I did not want to leave for fear the feelings/sickness would return. But, it didn't and I had a sick free lunch and shopping after. It was a sweet ending to my weekend. In church on Sunday they quoted the scripture John 14:26 : "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." I knew I had just experienced that attending the temple.

Now we are home and are grateful for our own beds!We are grateful for healthy bodies today, fans so we do not have to hear Dacie cry it out AND we appreciate being fed, trashing the house, and having a place to go-that is big enough to hold our four very calm and very sedated children (and us) ! ha ha ha. Its time for FHE catch you tomorrow!?

*The rest of the pictures are of Grandma,Me, Dacie and Ryland at the Glendale Glitter lights; a shot of the downtown lights themselves; Ryland riding Grandpa Sorensen style; the juggling, nutcracker stilt man giving Ryland a 'high five' when he was walking past and Ryland was almost as tall!

On a fatherhood note, yes, this is the Dad writing. It's great to be back home after a weekend of football, food, football, temple trip, football, shopping, a little basketball, and football. Coming soon: a posting about the late Mr. Skunky (I now have a pellet gun in case the trap doesn't work). Stay tuned for more. Editors note:The same pellet gun also destroyed a turkey decoration-compliments of Daddy and Colton!


Marcus and Amy Blair said...

so fun! im so jealous that everyone was home for thanksgiving! maybe we should move to arizona...

The Sorensen Bunch said...

Maybe you should!In fact, Dacie told me you have too!

Dawn said...

Dear Dan,
Good to hear from you, too! Good luck with Mr. Stinky; we'll have to call to get the latest news. Your story about throwing him out of the trap only to land at your feet was pretty funny! Love you! MOM

Dawn said...

Dear Alicia,
thanks so much for the was a fun night! Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen came down yesterday, and I wanted to take them down and walk through some of the stores, but couldn't talk Doug into doing it again. Glad your kids are feeling better, and I am so excited to hear that Dacie is crawling! Also loved the pic of the do have some beautiful ones there! Kiss all the kids for me! Love, Grandma S