Saturday, November 17, 2007


A family "tradition" started when Colton started having Friday 4:30-5:30pm practice. I would take all the kids with me to run around at the playground, while Colton practiced. Dan would get off of work at about 5:15pm, and then the eternal question would come-what should we have for dinner? By the time we would get home and prepare something, or finish up something already started, set the table and do the dishes our Friday nights would be shot. So, Dan started getting $5 pizza from Little Caesars on his way home and would meet us at the field. I always had a blanket handy in the car-so we would throw it out and have a makeshift picnic on Fridays. The boys started getting attached to this little tradition, and when other activities would conflict with the Friday evening picnic-we would hear about it!!! Sterling started calling it Fun Friday where "we could do whatever the fun we wanted!" We have kind of caught onto the idea and tried to do something 'out of the norm' for our fun on Fridays. It has been a few weeks since we did the picnic last (with our conflicting schedules) and it was Colton's last practice-so we had to do something! Since we had pizza for Sterling's b-day on Wednesday (we do draw the line for pizza to only once a week-ha ha) I decided to keep the tradition alive and pack some sandwiches, fruit, drink, and chips in our rarely used picnic basket. The boys were in heaven! It is amazing how something as simple as Friday eating at a park is such a big deal to the kids! Dan decided to make it a night of the fun and took Colton and Sterling to the high school football game later that evening. Our high school is in the state playoffs-and won!!! I am not sure the boys were watching the game or filling their mouths with the candy dad bought them! Go Marauders! However it made for an early Saturday morning soccer games! Here's to FUN FRIDAYS!


Kerry said...

That's a great idea! I am still trying to figure out some traditions for our family. I guess they kind of just happen on their own sometimes.

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The Sorensen Bunch said...

Thanks for all your help my blog tutor!

Kerry said...

No problemo. Glad to help!