Friday, May 15, 2009

Teacher Appreciation

Having been a teacher pre-kid..I am always an advocate for letting the teachers know how much we appreciate them.
Even if the personalities of our children were not matches (which was not our case) I feel like every teacher does contribute some sort of good and mindless amount of hours of preparation.
SO when the PTO president called and asked me to head up the teacher appreciation luncheon (5/8) I jumped on board!
Because of a limited budget (we spent $0.00) I went and recruited help from my friends Cami "Martha Stewart" Raban (ALL the decorations were hers) and Desiree McDowell to help me with it!
Cami and I spent 2 hours the day before deciding where to fit all of her SUPER cool decorations in a small teachers lounge.
Knowing we had to go with decor we had on hand we ran with the theme--"Life's a Beach with our Tavasci Teachers"
We even had Hawaiian Party music playing during the luncheon!

Oh yes, and Cami's Daughter Jordan (Colton's friend) helped too!
Because we were trying to keep it low cost--we sent out flyer's and asked for donated food items to feed the teachers AND FOOD WE GOT!!
(Check out the Salmon Patte above)
Desiree helped me call some of the donations the night before to make sure they remembered to come!
We had TONS of food arrive--particularly desserts and sides. So much in fact, we ran out of room for all of it!
Allot of the main dishes did not arrive BUT we were grateful that "surprise" donations did...including grilling of hot dogs outside!
Two different people carved vegetables to look like animals-not including the person who made the salmon!
There are so many talented people, and others wanting to help.
AND Although we live in a small rural town it was great for me to see the this side of things.
Clean up was quite the chore...
BUT it was all WELL WORTH it
We have been receiving luv letters since thanking us for it!
(thanks to Aunt Cara for making it possible with babysitting)


kk Leilani said...

Incredible! You did fab! If I were one of the teachers I'd be loving you for life. What a nice, much deserved...I am sure, partay. I love it!

Anne said...

Crazy woman! Good work!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh that is aWESOME that you showed the teacher's such appreciation! I'm sure it meant a lot to them. And WOW--we've got some talented fruit cutters in the Verde Valley. Who knew?! =)