Thursday, May 21, 2009

Give me AWAY!!!!

Being a parent can be tough sometimes--when you have to follow through ALL day long with the consequences for your discipline plan.
Apparently it is harder to be the kid of those parents.
On Sunday I kept hearing crashing noises coming from the front room. When I went out to investigate I found the boys throwing their newly acquired stuffed animals as far and fast as they could. I told them if I was too see that again (as we were minutes away from breaking something) that I was going to take their stuffed animals and put them in Goodwill to give away to children who do not have stuffed animals and would treat them better.
A few minutes later I heard fits of laughter from the boys room. When I walked in I found the SAME BOYS throwing their stuffed animals into their ceiling fan to see how far they are flung!
NOW we have had to replace the ceiling fan in that room already and they have HAD SERIOUS consequences for throwing ANYTHING into the fan--
To top off the naughty'ness they were throwing the exact animals I had just warned them about.
SO the animals were quickly confiscated and put into the goodwill tub in our garage. The wailing and nashing of teeth erupted.
Ground Colton from video/computer games and you got him where it hurts. Take treats and food away from Ryland and that is his-BUT STERLING, take away his favorite stuffed animals and he melts.
Colton got over his consequence quickly telling Sterling that is the way it is. Sterling was distraught.
When Sterling really gets mad-his mouth runs from him and he can say the meanest and funniest things. Today was no different.
After realizing I could not remove the consequence he started yelling..."Give me AWAY too!" "You need to give me away too!" To which he promptly went out to the garage and placed himself in the tub for Goodwill. He sat there for sometime while Dan and I laughed and his brothers took pictures. Then the tub fell off the shelf.
That did not stop his passionate rage. He started yelling, " I am going to travel the world and find the kids who gets my animal and take it from them, I really am mom--I am going all over the world!"
When that solicited much unwanted smiles he started saying, "I need him because I am not going to remember him" "the cartoons and my pillow of blues clues will NOT remind me of him--I will not be able to remember him, I need him back."
Sometimes I am amazed at the thought and ingenuity that goes into their thought process when they are desperate.
The animal is still in the give-away tub with the potential of earning it out before we give it away in a month or so...I have had somewhat of an angel boy on my hands since!
It's HARD being a KID!


Charlotte King said...

Give Sterling away to me and he can find out what a real mean mum is. And what on earth would possess them to throw things into the ceiling fan in the first place?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh my gosh that made me laugh so hard that he got in the Goodwill bucket!! Too funny. It's hard being consistent like that huh? But we know it will help them learn in the end.

Sterling is such a cutie by the way--but you already know that. =)