Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Concert!

At Tavasci their music specialist spreads the concerts to "every -other" year, but because both the boys are 2 years apart in school. Their grades hit the same year for performing!
It was STERLING'S turn to SHINE!
and shine he did... (here he is making his smiling grand entrance)
Despite the fact that Sterling is a kindergartner and was performing with the 1st graders too--he still was the tallest, only tied with one other kid! (are we surprised?)
My boys S-U-P-R-I-S-E me at their choral concerts and primary programs...they REALLY get into them. (Sterling performing his solo on the chimes)
Getting "into them" I mean, they are singing mouths wide open and holding completely still--they follow the director explicitly!
I guess it surprises me to see them taking a serious interest --
It is so funny and GREAT for me to watch
(even my sister who is the musical minded one of us two--notices this same thing when she comes to watch as well)
That would be butterflies (much to Dacie's excitement) on the band on his head. The whole class wore them, since they were singing about taking care of our earth!
It was great to watch and support him as a family (daddy even made it this time!)


TexasTwinsTwice said...

awww--I bet those are so fun to watch. Sterling is an absolute cutie!

Dawn said...

so glad he enjoyed performing...I love his little tooth-missing smile! He is a terrific kid!


I am glad your boys can be athletic and in touch with the music. that's great

Trezise Momma said...

Congrats to Sterling, and his stellar performance. Your boys are quite talented!

The Greers said...

I LOVE that all your kids are so tall. Good job Sterling, on the program, not being tall.

mjs ashworth said...

so cute, how fun to watch I am sure! Bummer about the haircut, hopefully it will grow back fast!

Emily said...

These pictures sure show how much fun he was having. That is wonderful.