Saturday, May 9, 2009

Free night of F-U-N!!!!!

Since we had a half day of school, AND the boys got some free games of miniature golf for academic rewards, AND since Cottonwood is NOT known for its plethora of miniature golf courses and family fun centers

I got brave and decided to take the kids to Prescott Friday afternoon

Luckily, Aunt Cara offered to come Uncle John got the "hot seat"in back of the mini-- and had to break up fights 45 minutes too and from Prescott. ALL the adults came piling out of the car holding our ears--my kids are AWFUL in the car!

(there was plenty of this during our trip)

I always envision myself being capable of handling my children in a public fun setting solo, such as this (Dan had to work until late, it would had made a late night later if we waited)...BUT luckily Cara is smarter than my ambition.

After Ryland laid on the coarse crying and a ball went flailing into the parking lot almost setting off a car alarm...I could have WELL been floundering and DROWNING in a sea of child chaos

Despite the organized chaos...we really had a blast on the course. The older boys were free and the younger two were free for their age. Cara and I knew we need NOT purchase a ticket--and it was a FREE night of FUN!

Cara got THE BEST pictures, but she has no computer to we will wait for the better to arrive (like of me soaking the kids with a club in the water hole)

This was Dacie's idea of a hole in one
Colton could NOT keep his shoes tied and I refused to tie them for almost 3rd grader who can;t tie shoes is not acceptable
Sterling stayed the coarse but certainly got upset when he was above par. We had to teach him to find FUN in getting the most amount of strokes... ha ha

Ryland much preferred a backwards club despite corrections ALL 9 holes

Don't let the alligator get you! (it took some convincing for Dacie to realize he was not real)

My heart did rejoice when I saw Sterling and Dacie celebrating each time they made it in

Fake Arizona grass is the best (not really, but in some of the Arizona natives eyes it is!)

Did I mention the boys got free root beer floats included in their awards? We all shared them made a complete night of FREE fun--

UNTIL we went to SAM's CLUB on the way home (I still have yet to get out of those places under 100 dollars)


Fringers said...

Derick and i use to go on dates there... Then we had kids...

kk Leilani said...

I want to go next time...I think.

Trezise Momma said...

That looks like a lot of fun, and your pics were awesome! I am one of those crazy Arizonans who like fake grass. Never mow it, never water it, and it still looks the same! My kind of grass!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

What a fun momma you are--looks like a great time =)

Anonymous said...

My kids are AWFUL in the car too!!! I think I am most grumpy when I'm driving because there is no escape from the fighting!