Monday, May 4, 2009

Group Date!!!

Last Saturday (4/25) was our monthly group date w/ friends.
It was a family group date and included hayrides, lasso lessons, bird playin' and treats!
Now this wasn't any ol'- "lets ride around the parking lot and wave"- kind of hay ride. It was the off-roadin' Jeep style hayride.
We had a horse that competes in the mountain man ride every year (her owner drove the team down from Williams) she (the horse) took us on a - dirt, poky mesquite brushes, trenches, real deal kind of ride. It made me wonder how on earth pioneers, their horses or their wagons EVER made it!
Now...Dacie is afraid of BEES, gnats or ANYTHING that flies for that matter...
BUT get her around a HORSE and there was NO FEAR-
she was in heaven.
Dacie rode ALL 3 rides and drove in the front w/ the reigns for 2 of them!
We had LOADS of FRIENDS and FUN!

also some desert spring flowers!
They also had a bird that the boys could NOT leave alone.. fact, Colton and his good buddy Dallin opted out of the hayrides to stay with the bird!

The wind had MUCH to be desired that was relentless. I am sure it would have been a little bit nicer without it--BUT it kept it cooler too.
Dacie with my good friend Cami--she LOVES anyone who LOVES on her!



Trezise Momma said...

Looks like another hit for group date night! We were sad to miss it, but maybe we can catch the next one! That is funny that Dacie loves giant horses, but hates teeny, flying bugs! That's my girl!

The Bargar Beauties said...

Love the pics of all the kids. I'm glad you got one, Tieg somehow forgot the camera. Man, doesn't he know my obsession with blogging:)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

YAY--I'm so glad you took pics since I didn't go & forgot to send my camera. I stole some. Looks like a BLAST!! My girls love going on home teaching visits because they get to visit that white bird--I've heard all about him--it's nice to see what it looks like!

Emily said...

Looks and sounds as if that group date was a lot of fun for the whole family. I am sorry that we missed it. :(