Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preschool Graduation!

Last Night 5/19--
we held our Preschool Graduation Pizza Bar-B-Q at the Hoggards House!
It was a Choclatey FUN mess!
We each brought our own pizza and contributed pot luck sides-
We handed out certificates of completion and the kids came up and gave the teachers a high five, handshake or hug.
Ryland opted for the kiss...while I was talking at the same time- ha ha
Happy Graduation RYLAND!!!!!
(even though he will be in preschool again NEXT year...one more year until kindergarten, sorry BUD--he is SO READY for kindergarten)


Selena said...

horay for ryland! he made it!

Emily said...

Funny picture. It looked as if you were going to bite his nose. :)
It is hard to believe that Ryland will still be in preschool. He is so tall! He is a funny kid. I had fun talking with him on our Montezuma Well play day.