Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretty Playgroup

(Some of the Indian home ruins surrounding the "well" of water)
As some of you may be aware. The Verde Valley has one of the ONLY rivers to have water year round in Arizona...thus the "GREEN" valley.
We are also very fortunate to have LOTS of native American ruins and history in our area
SO for Playgroup Wednesday May 6th-
we all met up at Montezuma's Well in Camp Verde for what turned out to be one of my kids FAVORITE playgroups!

We took some simple hikes down to the well, and then another along the outside where they had dug man-made irrigation canals.
Ryland was more of the hiker that luckily I had enough eyes to watch him ahead while I prodded little Miss Dacie from behind

(you can see the ruins up in the cliffs surrounding the water pretty good from this picture above)
Dacie was in rare form that day and was not quite as social as she normally is!
Her and Lilly will be great buds when they get older-- as they are close in age

We have had a beautiful spring AND today was NO different. The weather was perfect. Warm with a breeze!

Hiking away from the river
Afterwards--we headed to a nearby picnic area and had the kids make some bird cookies to hang in the treesAND because the kids made the birds treats, the birds brought the kids some treats of their own below--caramel popcorn balls
(Cute Natalie's playgroup idea w/ the help of Emily her sis)
The kids were in NO RUSH to get home so we ALL stripped down and played in the canal there for hours!
The boys caught bullfrogs, and crawfish, and clam shells to their hearts content and kept quite cool while doing it!
Dacie was an observer
What made the day even better was that it was all FREE!
What a Fun day of Play Group!
When are we going again?

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TexasTwinsTwice said...

GORGEOUS pics!!! Looks like a super fun time.