Monday, May 4, 2009

Double dates are still IN?...

Although they happen ALLOT less frequently...YES, 4 & 5 (for the Dickerson's) kids later there is still double-dating!!!
That is...if you can find someone who actually wants to be with you and then follows- up to help make it happen!
I need to be better about this kind of "getting out" because when I do get is FUN!
The Dickerson's waited to to meet up with us later after Colton's Friday baseball (4/24) game at The Tavern for some yummy salad, and then back to our house to play a game of compatibility w/ my sis and her hubby (who were babysitting)!
After AND during, we stayed up too late telling stories (sorry to keep you out past curfew Dickerson's).
The Dickerson's are a couple where there is never a lack of lively conversation nor uncomfortable silence. You feel "at home" around them.
Thanks Dickerson's, for making us feel cool and coming(from Camp Verde) to our neck of the woods to play


Trezise Momma said...

I'm jealous! Will and I haven't been on a date in MONTHS! And we used to never miss a week. Maybe we will have to go on a triple date sometime. Love you guys!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh sounds like a fun time! The Dickerson's are a riot to be around huh?! They have fun personalities.

Emily said...

You say the nicest things. :) So lovely of you. We had a blast with you and no, you definitely didn't keep us out past our bedtime. I AM trying to be better about getting to bed at a decent time. But, date night is different, especially when one . . . or many are having fun. :) Can't wait for our next fun evening. :)