Sunday, May 10, 2009


SO I ALWAYS LOVE to be LOVED on "special" holidays and days...BUT there is something about SUPRISE LoViN' and recognition that makes my world go round.
Dan and I recently have been having talks about my need to feel appreciated and receiving outward expressions of love.
Well, on a particularly frantic phone call before Dan headed home from work the other day. Dan could tell that the kids were getting the BEST of me, as the hour before Dan gets home typically is "The Witching Hour"--today he could tell I was battle worn. So on his way home from work he picked me up a dozen of some of my favorite color roses...."just because".
AND my bad day turned GREAT just like that!!~

Well, the Friday before the flower incident, I was heading into Colton's class to help out as I normally do every other Friday... AND I was running late as usual ( I always get behind in babysitting arrangements). I was particularly stressed about being late this time because the teacher had asked me specifically to come in that day...which she never has. So I felt like there was a BIG project I was needed for and was NOW LATE for.
BUT, as I walked into the class the lights were out AND I realized that the entire second grade pod was I headed to the cafeteria for the assembly I knew they had to be in.
Upon entering the gym a teacher ran up and took my picture saying, "CONGRATS" I was pretty clueless. Then Colton ran up and handed me this letter with some cool Tavasci volunteer cups and sticker to put on our car windows. I realized, even though the assembly was ending, that I had received the volunteer of the month award. I had missed the presentation of it due to my lateness (that is OK) so Colton stood in for me (which a teacher sent me a picture of over her cell phone). AFTER I read the letter, I was on cloud nine. Words of affirmation go far for me. I felt appreciated for the things I COULD do in being involved with my children's education, even small as they are. It was a great feeling.
I love to be loved.
It is evidence to me that Heavenly Father is aware of what I am doing and my needs!
So here is....
Sending Suprise Lovin' your way!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Good job Dan!! That is so sweet, and I LOVE that they recognized you for volunteering! That's not an easy thing to do with all that you've got going on, but it makes such a difference for the kids--way to go Alicia! I'm looking forward to doing that for M & M next year. I think we as former teachers know what a good thing it is to get involved in the classroom.

kk Leilani said...

NO way! of course you got the amazing roses and that amazing award. A is for Amazing Alicia. ha ha. remember when my mom sent those valentines...was it valentines...but it was the total teacher in her...I appreciate her more after being here for so long...crazy the things it takes for some to realize...not that I didn't want to...maybe I just didnt know if your kids don't say the things you wish they would say at the worries...the Lord knows...and it will come. Love you

Anne said...

COngratulations to you! How do you do it? You ROCK!