Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Closing Chapters of Preschool!

At the beginning of May the 4-H Fair came to town and our brave teacher mommy Julie read 6 books to the kids and got them in free with free rides!!
Makena, Sean and Ryland livin' up the Fair life!

The Week After Preschool was at our Home!
We may some really cool Yarn Y books (bu the picture disappeared-aargh)
Mothers DAY bouquets!!

I saw this cool ideas for bouquets made out of the kids hand prints....and then I ran with it
Letting them paint their own vases (that chipped all OVER the place when dried..sorry moms)

There was allot of assembly required....SOO Dan got recruited and Him and I stayed up late, cutting hands, taping, curling and assembling
It reminded me of my BYU days where Dan spent allot of late nights working by my side cutting out papers, collecting leaves....Bing a teacher is ALLOT of prep work!
I know Dan loves me because he stayed up LATE the next weekend cutting and gluing pictures into Scrapbooks for Sterling's kindergarten class!
The petals were their hand prints. The leaves were the reasons they loved their mom, hand-painted vases (water bottles) and the stems of straws or pencils, and the kids silly faces were the middle of the flowers
It was a BUSY ending to our LAST week of preschool at our home!
Happy Preschool Days...Ryland is so sad that Preschool is over...he is BEGGING to go to friends houses and we are ONLY the 1st day out of preschool!


Selena said...

why does that look like the funnest preschool ever! Can I come!?

Emily said...

I love those "bouquets"! You did a great job and I bet the kids were so excited to give them to their moms. :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

What a fun day at the fair, and those flower boquets are TOO cute! Great idea!