Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Synopsis 9/22-9/28

OK I did not take very many pictures at all this week-I am off my game, as you will read about later-
I have been playing around with some reunion pictures I got, and thought I would throw a past family reunion picture in (this ones for you mom--and NO you are not getting one-ha ha ). It is the Hutchings (my side)June 2008 Flagstaff reunion--the whole kitten caboodle

Monday September 22- For Family Home Evening Colton gave his primary talk on prayer-- so that Dan (he was teaching the lesson in Elders Quorum), Uncle John, & Aunt Cara could hear it, since they had missed it. It was a little bit slower than when he gave it in primary. We have to work on his reading speed and expression, as Colton just got assigned a big part in the primary program (on October 26) as one of the two children narrators they are doing in sacrament.

Tuesday September 23- Typically Dan plans the rest of his weeks lessons after seminary, since he has off of work that day. But, Dan had to hurry home to kill the skunk that snuck into the trap in the middle of the night again. I think that puts us at about 10 skunks. The exterminators charge 45-50 dollars a skunk they trap-so 50x10= $500. We really should go into business!

I mowed all the yards in preparation for the trampoline we are getting from a member in the ward. After much debate between Dan and I-Dan caved and what we might have been buying the kids for Christmas, is coming early for free!

We unloaded my BIL and sisters U-haul truck into a storage unit today. I still got the guns going on! It took three of us only and hour and a half to unload a 16 foot truck! Afterwards I sent Dan and my BIL (john) over to get the tramp. It ended up being a MUCH BIGGER project than anticipated and they had to disassemble the entire thing. It took them about 2-3 hours total. We have left the trampoline laying in our backyard until we can order/purchase the protective pad that had gotten sun-rotted for the springs. Yes, it has a net around it!

While the men were cursing me about the trampoline. I took Colton and Sterling to the local Arby's for dinner. A child at their school was diagnosed with Leukemia and is undergoing expensive treatments -- 20 percent of the proceeds that evening were going to their behalf. The place was a ZOO!!!!! I met up with some friends and we had the kids eat at one table, while the adults sat at another. Colton and Sterling entered the shake chugging contest and LOST miserably. However, if you hear Colton;s side of the story he came in 2nd-ha ha!

It was a late dinner and evening. Ending with us watching the biggest loser--LOVE it!!!

Wednesday September 24- The elementary school was holding a fundraiser and the money was due today. Of course, Colton left his sitting on the counter (and later that week his lunch on the counter) I had to run it up to the school later. It seems like fundraisers are a bit exorbitant now-a-days between sports teams, schools, PTO's and other worthy causes. I could work a full-time job to support these!

I went visiting teaching to 2 families on my list this morning-the 2 kids were troopers going with me to each house! Dacie got a nice bite from a Guinea pig at one (her own fault) BUT I also picked up a great recipe for apple crisp and got a bag of Chinese apples that I made for dinner that evening.

*Last week I noted that there was nothing to tell about on Tues. , Wed, and Thurs. I forgot to mention that I went with the 3 boys down to Phoenix to have a teeth work done, while Dan stayed home with Dacie and got lots of things done around the house and fed the missionaries dinner.I have had a tooth that was falling out piece by piece-that I had worked on right before I left on my mission. I guess it was not noteworthy because everything went without a hitch. The boys even got cleanings with NO CAVITIES (the first time ever!...even Colton). But this weekend my mouth started letting me know how unhappy it was. I have awoken a couple of nights to some throbbing pain. But, it has been manageable with medication, my chewing has now switched to the 'weak side'. it seems to be getting better as I am trying to "buy my time" on a root canal and crowns, as they would drain our health saving accounts. I can safely say it is getting better--I ate on that side of my mouth this evening!

Thursday September 25- Today at Ryland's preschool he made cookies for the letter "c". Of course he showed them to his brothers and of course, he did not share! That was a fight waiting to happen!

It seems like I have spent many hours shopping for our coupon sense program. It takes allot of work--especially when they have run out of the product and the quantity you need!

That evening for softball I was graced by the presence of my hubby and BIL. We had hitting practice before the game and I did GREAT!!! But, I get too anxious during the game. I fared well-I could just be better. I am now sporting my first ever blister from hitting (I did not even get one in High School when I played). First base went well and we beat one of the better teams in the competitive league!

Friday September 26- I went garage sale'ing w/ my sister and BIL that morning. We found them a couch and looked at a couple of apartments. Of course, I had my "finds" and am glad that I was able to find some shorts for the boys --and some cute clothes for Dacie!

Today I mopped and scrubbed under my fridge and above it!! This was all motivated by my BIL's new found curiosity in lizards. John was fascinated to find a lizard, and then trap it in a Tupperware. He thought it was pretty amazing. When I tried to explain to him that they are an every day household item in Arizona, he wanted to keep it and put it in an aquarium. I told him not while he was living here. John was a bit disappointed at my lack of enthusiasm--so my sister told him to take a picture to remember. I grabbed my camera and my sister told him to pick it up. John, not being around lizards, picked it up by its tail--which it quickly 'dropped' and went flying out of his hands and under my fridge. Naturally we had to pull out the fridge and prod it out with a hanger. A little over an 30 minutes later-we had gotten our picture, I had mopped our floor (You can hardly put back a fridge when the floor underneath looked like it did!) and replaced all the falling items on top (of course cleaning that as well). Long story short--a lizard belongs outside!!!

I have loved having extra hands to help with the kids. However, my house is FULL with an extra 2 adults. My world seems "out of sync" and I am "off my groove". I have forgotten things, misplaced things. I feel disorganized and my head and home are full. I have not been a good friend (like when my friend called and needed a jump-- I couldn't do it) AND today was the cincher. I forgot to go and conduct the music at a funeral our ward was holding for a toddler who had passed away. I did not know them, and their parents are not active in the church. But,I still felt AWFUL!!!

That evening was FUN Friday and we watched The Muppet's-Treasure Island while Dan slept on the rocking chair. He has not been feeling well this whole weekend.

Uncle John with his buddy the lizard who tried taking up residence under our fridge!

Saturday September 27- We got up and did our Saturday chores! Cara and John joined us this time! Dan had to go into work for 2 hours on a patient that needed stretching-- after a procedure she had done the day before that requires vigilant treatment. It was a good thing I had the extra eyes that I did because Dacie managed to flood our bathroom with teddy bears and bath mats shoved into the toilet. I cannot leave my children alone for 5 minutes! Dan got home and everyone (minus me) went to the local community college for celebrations. They ate lunch, made necklaces, tye-dyed shirts and MISSED NAPS. I stayed home and showered and cleaned.

Things really started loading up today and tensions began running high. I barely made it for the Relief Society broadcast with my sister after we had missed the dinner. The broadcast was wonderful it gave me clarity and peace, that I so much needed. I was able to come home and say the things I needed to say to restore peace. I wonder how long it would have taken to end the conflict if I hadn't? I am grateful for the spirit and look forward to General Conference where we will get two days of these talks and the spirit, rather than just an evening of it.

Dan and I had an impromptu date that evening after as we went and grabbed something for me to eat (since I had not eaten all day) and did some more coupon sense shopping after the kids were in bed. It was wonderful to have this available to us w/ our house company!

Sunday September 28- We made it on time for church!...and Dacie made it through half of sacrament before she had to go out. Ryland later joined her out in the foyer as he had a real "off" day at church. In fact, I got pulled out of class b/c he refused to climb out from under the table in nursery and was wailing. I sat w/ him and held him, they brought him snack, and he joined his class again when he saw them taking a walk outside! Dan went home after sacrament as he is still not feeling well. I had to leave the last hour to go make a visit for Young Women opening exercises (to introduce ourselves)--in our farthest away ward,Spring Valley. They are about an hour away and closer to Prescott then we are! But they are sweet and I was glad to see that the one of the two girls they had attending that day--were ones who hung out w/ our group on the five mile hike!

We all got some form of naps, played a few good rounds of Candyland and enjoyed a batch of home-made chocolate chip cookies. Sunday evenings do not get much better than that!

Well--this is the last week of our company's stay, we are getting ready for our big vacation, and it is BIRTHDAY season. I will have LOTS to do and LOTS to post about. So we will catch ya on the flip side!!


Erin said...

You're so good with your weekly synopsis! To answer your ?, nothing has happened yet, but I go to the doctor today at 11:30 and unless I'm crazy, which is in fact possible, I have to have progressed SOMEHOW with all the contractions I've been having (not regularly) and how swollen I have become all of a sudden-I hope they don't want to induce me-I REALLY want it to happen on its own! But, whatever! I just have to remind myself that this baby WILL come. Anyway, there you go! I'll let you know!
PS-I know it's crazy to think about this right now, but look who I'm talking to-the busy queen of the world! I've been thinking about doing a VERY simplified version of your preschool with Abby and a few of the kids in the nursery at church-maybe starting in January-maybe not until next school year. Not just for their benefit, but for mine and for the other moms, who I get along with very well, but never get to spend any time with! Anyway, just a warning that I might be probing you for ideas in the near future!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Love the family reunion pic! WOW on the number of skunks you guys have trapped--that's amazing! That's funny your brother in law was so excited about a lizard. My girls feel the same way! =) Oh, and yay for a free trampoline. That's awesome!

Trezise Momma said...

Sounds like it was quite a week for you. It was great seeing you this weekend, if only for a minute. Dacie is getting big, and I hope poor Ryland forgives me for taking him out from under the table. I felt bad for him. Rough days in nursery always seem more frequent when there is a new teacher.

kk Leilani said...

love the weekly synopsis. I know your b-day is coming up...and I look forward to more posts and pictures. You sound busy, but good busy and you're entitled to get off your groove, lose your mind, shake your fists, do a chant, and be exhausted once in a while! Wish I could see you play in one of your games...I great at cheering or at least yelling out know you would feel the support. love you. love your posts.

Selena and Russ!! said...

Hey alicia! how is everything! Just wanted to say hi sis!!

Emily said...

Things sound busy as always at your house, but you are all alive and kicking still and that's what counts! When is the next Pokeno? My sis, Natalie and I were wondering. Let me know!


I loved the family reunion photo. How fun!

Also, garage sales ROCK. You are quite a thrift shopper. I love that.