Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Pumpkins!!!!

We went and got the pumpkins from the pumpkin patch!
It took about forever to get too it (only 2 seconds)--to walk around to the side of our house!
We were pleasantly surprised to have harvested exactly 6 pumpkins this year in our garden.
It is a good thing we did b/c our favorite and ONLY pumpkin patch around the area closed down last year!
We held out as long as we could (Thursday night 10/29) before picking and carving them-so that they would not get old and wilty.
It being an unusually warm Halloween--they still wilted pretty quickly!

Dan has had to work late a couple of nights a week, b/c they are short staffed. So I thought we would gut the things before Daddy got home--AM I CRAZY!!!?
I smelled like pumpkin and felt like slime--not to mention acted like a witch by the time Dan got home to help finish them up!
The garage is getting re-arranged to fit an extra fridge and freezer in--so it was car-less. It turned into the perfect pumpkin carving workshop!
This would be the aftermath of the carving--

THE RESULTS (everyone came up with these entirely on their own):
( I saw this done in a magazine and thought it was funny!) I still think it is funny!
You cut different eyes, mouth, nose, and eyebrows off of close-up pictures of people in magazines!

we voted this numero uno!

(You cannot tell from this picture, but this was a perfect size pumpkin for her-it was small and shrimpy)


kk Leilani said...

oooooooohhhhhhh! I love the pumpkins. I love Halloween and the excitement it brings...especially to kids. All that candy for free.99 and all those fun activities...espeically pumpkin carving. I love the smell of candles in pumpkins...the cool evenings, the leaves on the ground, the creative decorations and costumes. I loved the description of the garage being the perfect pumpkin carving shop and how you turned into a witch at the end...ha ha...but I really loved the last 2 pics of the pumpkins glowing...I missed that this year...and last year. But we did get to dress up and trick or treat! Much love

THE ORMES said...

Fun!!! Way to go on growing your own pumpkins. What an awesome (and I'm sure satisfying) accomplishment! And 6 of them . . . how perfect. I was not as brave as you, so we ended up just drawing faces on ours. Maybe next year when Tom's not so crazy busy with school.

Angie said...

Your pumpkins are oh so cute!! And you are oh so brave to man that activity alone!!

The Mair Family said...

That is awesome you grew your own pumpkins. Love the jack-o-lantern! We skipped the carving this year I waited too long to go buy a pumpkin. And the one pumpkin we had that Ariana got on her kindergarten field-trip to the pumpkin patch rotted because it got dropped and cracked. We should have carved it immediately instead of waiting 3 days. It was a sad wilted mess!

Trezise Momma said...

Look at you growing your own pumpkins! I am in awe! You are such a great momma, doing pumpkin carving all by yourself! I did it without Will too, but I took the easy way out, and I still wished I has some help! I thought the kids picked some appropriate faces considering their personalities! Dacie-yelling. Haha.

The Greers said...

You are my Fall Gall! I loved your pumpkin and halloween costume.
I'm glad you had a happy birthday, and when I saw the pic of Daci all I could think was, "oh, she must love having and daughter so she can do her hair."
Lova ya chica

Amy and the boys said...

Wow this is so cool. I really wanna plant pumpkins when we get our own yard. Awesome!

Dawn said...

how fun that you each got your own pumpkin! You all did a great job...I thought Alicia's was especially interesting...cute idea! Hope you all had a great Halloween!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh i'm so behind on your blog. The pumpkins look AWESOME!! How cool you were able to grow them yourselves. Jim was el cheapo & didn't want to pay $$$ for big pumpkins so we got tiny ones! =)

THE ORMES said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. The weight from Declan is all off except for a few pounds. I don't know why, but I'll count my blessings. Now if I can only get back to what I was in Houston . . . that's my next goal.

And I totally miss y'all too!! Visiting teaching has never been as much fun as it was when I taught you. Tom never could understand why I was gone for so many hours. :) Good times! What's crazy is to look at our kiddos because they've grown sooo much since we were in Houston. I just can't believe it. Amen to blogs though. I love being able to keep with y'all!!!

Emily said...

Yep, the Ogre gets my number one vote. But I also love Dacie's old looking pumpkin carving. We had a pumpkin and meant to carve it for Halloween night, but . . .uh. . we forgot. oops!

Charie said...

It was absolutely wonderful catching up on your blog...I had some major catching up to do so I made an hour of it. SO MUCH FUN!

I cannot believe you got to hang out with Sister T. I need her contact info...She looks great and happy!

I loved reading about your wedding tour :) So funny...isn't it great looking back and understanding your spouse so much better you realize why they did things that confounded you before and also are more aware of their sacrifices for their love.