Friday, August 13, 2010

Youth Conference 2010

Our stake Youth Conference this year was July 16th & 17th
We went with a SURVIVOR type theme
(Check out the logo below...with the puzzle of pain picts.)
We camped at a ranch bordering Marshall Lake (or lovingly referred to as Swamp)
In Flagstaff
There was plenty of Monsoons to keep the heat at bay...but we still managed some good burns!
Friday evening we spent at the local chapel eating dinner, listening to Tyler Wilkinson (who did "a real hero" movie with Steve Young--we flew him in from St.George)
AND having a dance.
I wish I took pictures BUT I was too busy dancing and playing mafia.

We only ran into mild problems with the YM and YW camping next to each other
(the barbed wire fence separating them helped)
and us lady leaders stayed up until 2:30am chatting the night away--after all no babies to wake us in the middle of the night...ONLY a pack of COYOTES!
The following morning we awoke and separated into tribes-we had wrist bands and water bottles (different colors) with the insignia to separate them all day!

Then it was off to our challenges we had competing against each other all day.
I only got shots of a few of the four challenges.
(our camp view from Marshall Lake)

From the picts. I am absolutely sure you can tell the challenges involved EVERYONE and we got ALLOT of dirty, wet fun in!!!

YES, and we even lost particles of clothing (poor Breanna above! shoe the rest of the day)


AND can I say the Steinarts are THE BEST ever?
We delgated to one of our favorite couple friends to plan the whole thing and they ROCKED it!
At the very end of a VERY muddy and VERY dirty and VERY tiring day we wrapped things up in the barn as the rain pitter-pattered on the roof.
We made analogies to each challenge as challenges in our life.
It was a SUCCESS!
Did I mention we were fed super well too? all on a super tight budget--now that is a success!

*Rhett spent the night with Aunt mommy Cara~ and Colton went and spent the day and night at his favorite friend Dallin's house, then he came and joined me on Saturday up in the mountains!

Colton got to ride the rhino with one of our favorite friends Cory Ipson. He took Colton out on a "joy" ride and then offered to let him take it out on his own. My boys do not have my blood of adventure- Colton would not do it even after Cory handed him the keys...CHICKEN!!!and then we got a first class ride home in our friends RV-LOVE IT!


Jen said...

WOW! You guys are awesome. I can't wait until Summer gets to go next year.

By the way, I am now officially camp director! :0)

Trezise Momma said...

FUN!! The youth leaders in our stake do such a wonderful job with these activities. You guys rock!