Thursday, August 19, 2010

What do we do in the SuMmErTiMe?...we "SWIM"

Once again we filled up part of our summer with swim lessons!~
Since Sterling was now the eldest to take swim lessons-he took 2 sessions (4 weeks) of them.
AND that little kid worked his heart out trying to pass off 2 levels
which he did!!!
Next stop, swim team...we WISH, only if we win the lottery (for 140 dollars a kid)
Ryland was a little bit timid about how he would do since this was the first year out of the baby pool!
AND guess who passed his#2 level?!!!
He still struggles keeping that little skinny NO FAT body of his above water!
I guess I can understand since that use to be my problem back in the day! ha ha
AND Little Miss Dacie's teacher FELL IN LOVE with her!
She also passed the first level!
I always have a hard time forking out money to pay for something I did for 13 years...but it is what it is~ and I think my kids enjoy learning from SOMEONE else!
Dacie's level took lessons in the indoor rec center pool
WHICH since we got memberships and the kids frequent it at least 2 times a week, may have contributed to the best year of swim lessons yet!!!
We LOVE our new swimming pool!
Lazy river water slide and all!

Learning to swim is a MUST in ARIZONA with the HOT summers like we have... POOLS are a WAY OF LIFE!
OOOh the lazy swimming summer days!


My Lucky Day said...

The swimming pool looks awesome! I'm glad your children did so well.


we love swimming too! How awesome your kids are such good swimmers!!!