Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What do we do in the SuMmErTiMe?...we make "DREAMS" a reality!

As many of you are well aware-we have had our house on and off the market for quite sometime.

We have shown it a good 20 to 30 times with no real takers.

SOOO I finally consigned myself to the fact that I would be sticking around our house for a bit, and stopped looking at all the phenomenal deals that were out there. It was too disappointing~

Don't get me wrong...I have always LOVED our home down by the river. I will be sad to leave it

BUT 5 kids in 1550 sq feet it began to get quite squishy!!

I had contacted contractors and looked into growing the house.
I had gotten approved for a new home loan.
I had even gotten a quote to convert our garage, realizing that we deplete the re-sale value by doing it.

I felt a little "trapped' in a home with allot of bodies all day, and knew this WOULD cause problems all SUMMER.

With BIG boys and nappers, no room, and scrappers and fighters.... I was feeling a little overwhelmed.

So I dreamed about making our garage into a makeshift toy room.

Knowing if I did this I would take really the ONLY storage available.

WITH a tax return, ALLOT of prodding on my part to my hubby, and dreams of more room....

We recruited help of family in building, roofing and painting a new shed.
Capitalized on unused attic space above the garage (again with LOTS of prodding on my part).
We recruited more family who helped is clean out the garage, hose it down, and call in the exterminator.
Dan hung up blinds, painted chalkboards, sealed and insulated the garage door, installed a window a/c unit (thanks for letting us borrow it Ipsons), and plugged up some bug holes.

I moved, and labeled, and sold, and gave away, and used what we already had around the house to make it work.
BUT I am happy to say we have converted our GARAGE into a TOY/CRAFT/Wii ROOM!

(after all was said and done, Dan even turned to me the other evening and told me it was a good idea)

Sure we still get a good cockroach showing, and it gets a little too warm in the afternoons

BUT It has given me space and a quiet place to send kids too.

This has taken up a good portion of our summer

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