Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OuR 4th of JuLy!!!!!

Since we just got done re-doing our garage, I had just put all the decorations up in the hot attic, AND we had a busy June. I decided to not take down the 4th decorations.
Thank heavens Gma and Gpa Hutchings came to the rescue!!
We decided to ice some sugar cookies to take to Dan's work..as we go to the NICE roof patio at his new building and watch the fireworks. We had to bring a dessert, so it was patriotic sugar cookies!
It was also a fun 4th activity since most the "good stuff" was going on, on the sabbath.
Dan is always precise and certainly won the best decorated!

Dacie CAME HOME that afternoon with Marcy and Kerri (after being gone a week in Utah visiting her cousin).
Marcy's Birthday is the 7th, and since we were NOT going to be with him on his special day-we decided to make him a cake and "celebrate" with him before fireworks.
Marcy is a true Texan and we are absolutely grateful Heavenly Father put him in our lives...so the cake was absolutely appropriate!
Dan's Parents knew that Kerri and Marcy would be spending the evening with us. So they came up and met with everyone in Cottonwood for the evening. We all headed over to Dan's work for some KFC, dessert and one of the best firework shows (especially for a small town)

It was quiet (omitting fireworks) and perfect 4th of JuLy for us!

We are absolutely grateful for our freedom, and this country!!!

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Jen said...

Yum. Those cookies look tasty. Thanks for the little KFC plug, too. :0)