Monday, August 9, 2010

We're Going to the TEMPLE and we're gonna get MARRIED!

IF you remember in December Dan and I were able to fly out to SOUTHERN TEXAS
to go to his sister Kerri's wedding to Marcy DeLa Fuente!
Well, this June marked Marcy's 1 year anniversary of being baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
SOO the way Kerri and him celebrated was by being sealed for time and all eternity in the Mesa Temple
we were lucky enough to be able to attend their sealing and go through the endowment with them!
(thanks to my sister who lived 5 minutes from the temple!)
It was such a fun weekend of family.
Kerri must be the most VIP person in the world because GRANDMA RAWSON left her house in Utah and drove to be here for the sealing, this kind of thing pretty much NEVER happens!!!
Soo we got some shots of ALL the SORENSEN women with Grandma, and then her little great grand daughters on Dawn's side
Dacie was in heaven being with her closest in age cousin Lola once again, Utah is too far away!
This was just "warming them up" because the next week Dacie got to drive up and back from UTAH with Kerri and Marcy-to spend a week with her favorite LOLA
(where she was thoroughly spoiled...I am still waiting for pictures of their awesome week!)

ALWAYS a good time when we are together!! ha ha ha

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Allison Barry said...

Man, convert sealings are the best :)

love the girl cousins. so cute.